October: Treating Yourself to the Career That You Always Wanted

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As children, we understood “treats” to mean a bagful of guilt-free candy, but as we got older, the word took on new meaning.  Treats became more than just a simple indulgence, but something that we earned.  They became rewards for a job well done-- and what better way to reward that achievement than by treating yourself to the job that you … [Continue reading]

Should You Take Out a Second Mortgage on Your Home?

House Mortgage

Financial Advice By: Carmen Rita Wong Q: Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones: I found my dream job about a year ago and am so happy with the work that I’m doing!  Unfortunately, I had to take a pay cut for this position and my money seems to be coming up short every month, no matter how I try to readjust my budget.  I’ve … [Continue reading]

Tone Your Beauty Routine!

Toner from bottle

The days are becoming shorter, but somehow your sleep patterns are not getting any longer and by the time you finish at the office, make dinner, shower and pack lunch for the next day, it’s already later than you realized! If the winter is wearing your skin out, instead of simply piling on the make-up to cover up, try applying toner after washing … [Continue reading]

Defining Success in Your Career


Success is not a one-way street that let’s you coast on your bike while riding downhill. There are lots of pot holes, flat tires, some flowers on the way, but mostly, it’s up and down, and you just need to believe in yourself and keep on going. You will experience true success as you invest time and energy in actions and projects that make you … [Continue reading]

Don’t Just Be a Soccer Mom, Be a Soccer Player!


Many of you may be proud soccer moms, but you might be surprised to hear that there are benefits to getting out there and kicking the ball around with your kids. Soccer is an easy sport to pick up, and most people have so much fun playing that it’s easy to forget you’re also working out. Soccer is great for fitness and cardiovascular health. … [Continue reading]

Dear DFS: How Can I Balance Networking and Friendship?

Susan Butler

Dear DFS, I recently decided to make a career change and need to get back into networking. I have a former colleague, who also used to be a close friend, working in the business that I'm now pursuing. I know she has a lot of contacts, and I want … [Continue reading]

The Success Diaries: Beth Schmidt


To my younger self, Life is truly as simple as it feels today loving your Dalmatian puppy, playing in the sand and riding your bike. Find the people you really value in life and love them and find the things you really love doing in life and do … [Continue reading]

Kate White’s “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know”

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This

For every woman who has ever lived The Devil Wears Prada nightmare of facing icy rejection or moral compromise to get ahead, we hold the roadmap to navigating the sharp curves and steep hills to career success. Writer, editor and boss in every sense … [Continue reading]

September: The Rules of Going Back to School

Joi Gordon

Knowledge is power and there’s an abundance of lessons to be learned through the experiences that life throws at us.  Regardless if they’re good or bad, we always walk away knowing something about the world, or simply about ourselves, that we … [Continue reading]