Behind The Seams With Kleinfeld’s Mara Urshel

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Mara Urshel is assuredly a highly respected executive, having co-founded and managed Kleinfeld Bridal, New York's iconic and the largest bridal boutique in the country for 17 years. Urshel began her journey with Kleinfeld as a business consultant from Gordon Brothers. Six months in, she brought in a proposal that required a crucial amount of … [Continue reading]

ABC’s Ginger Zee Shares How She Overcame Her Fears and Her Key To Success

ABC NEWS - Ginger Zee
)ABC/Heidi Gutman)

  Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist at ABC, a mom and a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The on-air personality always knew she wanted to pursue a career in science but television not so much. Zee credits her internship experiences for motivating her to step out of her comfort zone and into broadcasting.  Now, Zee, 35, is … [Continue reading]

Norma Kamali on Making her Fashion Statement: Always in Style!


In sixth grade, a teacher wrote in a student’s autograph book: “know thy self.” Those wise words seemed perplexing but years later that student, Norma Kamali—now known to the world as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, writer, fitness guru and public speaker—says that it’s the most significant advice she’s been given. Norma was on the … [Continue reading]

Ceci Johnson on Building a Luxury Design Empire

Ceci Johnson in office

Once a bride to be has the date of her wedding secured, a significant stage of the wedding planning process is sending out the invitations. That’s where the leader in wedding invitation design: Ceci New York’s team comes in. At Ceci New York, the team specializes in invitation and lifestyle designs for weddings, corporate events, galas and much … [Continue reading]

Jess Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Polyvore on transparency as an asset to being a tech leader

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    Straight out from college, tossing the cap and gown and heading into the workforce, college graduates face the real world with excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. When Jess Lee graduated from Stanford University, her first step was not the norm. She obtained her first job at the tech giant: Google as a product … [Continue reading]

The Queen of All Trades: Vanessa Williams on Drive as the Propelling Force to Success

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Actress, singer, model, Broadway performer, first African-American woman to be crowned Miss. America, and mother of four exceptional children, Vanessa Williams has embraced and thrived in all she’s pursued. The list of her accomplishments continues … [Continue reading]

How to End the Cycle of Poverty

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In 2014, the official overall poverty rate in the United States was at almost 15 percent. For children under the age of 18 years old, that statistic jumped significantly to more than 21 percent—almost a full quarter of our nation’s children. We … [Continue reading]

The Success Diaries: Georgina Burke

Geo Burke

Dear Geo, To the most outgoing, bubbly girl in the world, there are so many things that I want to tell you! You are at such an awkward stage of your life right now and it doesn’t help that you stand out like a sore thumb. You tower over your … [Continue reading]

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic”

Magic Book

  Everyone wants to write the next mega- selling Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling or don beautiful heels and perform on stage like Beyoncé but very few know how to make the dream a reality. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert provides the … [Continue reading]