Being Emotional Intelligent Benefits Your Work


Thanks to Brighton School of Business and Management for these awesome statistics! Find out more about the great work this school is doing at! … [Continue reading]

Hot Winter Hair Styles for the Cold Months

Hair Tools

African Pride, the premium quality, affordably priced hair care line for women of color, served as proud official sponsor of the 2015 Soul Train Awards that aired nationwide on BET Networks’ Centric TV last month.  Viewers were treated to the most on-trend celebrity red carpet hairstyles and fashions exclusively with actress and model Eva … [Continue reading]

Dear DFS: How Do I Look for Work During the Holidays?

Jody White

Dear DFS,  I was laid off last month and have been tirelessly searching for a new position in my field, but unfortunately, no luck yet. I am starting to get concerned that I will not have a job before the New Year and I know companies aren’t focused on hiring during the holidays. How can I continue to be productive in my job search over the … [Continue reading]

How To Power Lunch Like A Boss

Power Lunch

Guest post from the the wonderful ladies a Like a Boss Girls! Success isn’t always about what you know – but it’s often about who you know and what THEY know. Learning from people who’ve been there and done that is invaluable. They have wisdom, inspiration, useful advice and sometimes even useful-er admonitions. Asking for an … [Continue reading]

Fall Beauty Tips: Dry Skin is Never In!

Fall Skin

  There are a lot of beauty benefits to fall: avoiding the sweat that clogs our pores during the warmer months, a significant decrease in humidity, which leaves our hair gorgeous and flowing. However, as the weather cools down, women face seasonal beauty troubles that interrupt our daily routines. This month at Dress for Success, we are here to … [Continue reading]

How Networking Works

Make a Connection

Guest Post by Reesa Staten of Robert Half “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” - John Muir Recently, I accepted an invitation to attend an industry conference in Chicago. I rarely go to … [Continue reading]

Poise in the Workplace

Polish Poise Jennifer Scott

Guest Post by Jennifer L. Scott Do you know what your most valuable asset in the workplace is? It might not be what you think. If you acquire this asset, you will instantly stand out in your job as a valuable employee. People will take notice of … [Continue reading]

Dear DFS: How Do I Avoid Age Becoming a Factor in my Interviews?

Sue Hicks DFS Lexington

Dear DFS, I have been working in the same career for many years, but was just recently laid off. Now I am on the job search again, and I’m interviewing with people who are half my age. I haven’t been making it to the second round of … [Continue reading]

Lizanne Kindler on Rekindling the Talbots Brand

Lizanne Kindler

  In 2012, Talbots was predicted to be one of top ten brands that would disappear by 2013. Coming out of the recession, the Massachusetts-based women’s clothing company experienced a period of profit losses, waning clientele and was looking to … [Continue reading]