3 Easy Tips to Help You Pay Off Debt, Save Money AND Have a Life

Piggy bank

Financial Advice by Carmen Rita Wong Q: I am very eager to have all of my bills paid off, but no matter how I work the numbers, it seems like ALL of my money is going to my bills and I’m left just scraping by, especially on those last few days before my next paycheck.  Is there a trick to paying down my debt and putting some money away in the … [Continue reading]

Confidence is not Masculine or Feminine: it’s Structural

male vs female

A widely accepted justification for the glass ceiling is a difference in confidence levels between men and women. In 2014, a study from Washington University of St. Louis reported that women perform better in less competitive work environments.  Today, more than 70 years since the world’s first female head of state took office, this news sounds … [Continue reading]

Amanda Filipacchi’s “The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty”

Amanda Filipacchi

At Dress for Success we put our weight behind the idea that a polished look can inspire confidence and empowerment professionally.  And since we believe appearance affects reality, we were completely taken by comedic writer Amanda Filipacchi’s latest novel, The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty. A satire, intertwined in a murder mystery, Amanda … [Continue reading]

Volunteer Your Way to a Healthier You!


‘Tis better to give than to receive, according to the old adage, but did you know giving your time can actually give you a longer lifespan. Studies show volunteering can reduce the risk of death by 25%, improving both physical and mental wellbeing. Providing support for those who need it allows for a sense of purpose and meaning that may not … [Continue reading]

Spring Into Work With a New Wardrobe

Addie and Tim

After one of the coldest winters on record, we’re all ready to shed the black and reemerge to welcome warmer weather with colorful cardigans.  Spring is known to many in the fashion world as the perfect union of office chic and out-of-office casual. Meaning it’s the best time of year for you to mix and match your wardrobe for both work and … [Continue reading]

How Do I Make A Better First Impression During Phone Interviews?

Sue 1

Dear DFS, I’ve been job searching for two months now, and every interview I’ve had has been via telephone. I always prepare before the interview, but somehow, I still end up drawing a blank when I’m asked certain questions. I would consider … [Continue reading]

An Impervious Guide to Networking

Women networking

You go to school, learn a skill set, build a resume, intern, even consult a career coach, yet, 70% of all jobs today are found through networking.  Reflectively, 70% of those jobs are also never advertised. It’s true, industries have become … [Continue reading]

They Told Me I Need a Co-Signer

Co Signer

Financial Advice by Carmen Rita Wong Q: I thought I had been making pretty great strides with my finances.  I have been paying my bills on time, paying down my debt and have even been able to save a little money in the bank each month, but I … [Continue reading]

Why Professional Motivation Matters So Much

Robert Half-headshot for blog

By: Reesa Staten of Robert Half Nike made the phrase “Just Do It” a part of the American lexicon. Nike’s goal was to inspire us to channel our inner athlete and embrace physical challenges. I would like to encourage you to push yourself in … [Continue reading]