Dress for Success and Fergie Footwear Partner Once Again for #GivingShoesDay on #GivingTuesday





Women across the Globe Are Encouraged to Donate Professional Shoes

To Their Local Dress for Success Affiliate on This Day of Giving


The Top 10 Shoe Donors around the World Will Receive a

Complimentary Pair of Limited Holiday Edition Raegan Heels from Fergie Footwear

NEW YORK, NY (December 2, 2014): Dress for Success® is turning #GivingTuesday into #GivingShoesDay once again on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, to honor this day of giving.  For the third year in a row, #GivingShoesDay encourages women to donate their professional shoes to one of more than 135 Dress for Success affiliates across the world.  This is the first time that Dress for Success supporters will be able to participate in #GivingShoesDay on a global scale.

Last year, Fergie Footwear partnered with Dress for Success to give something back to those that donate their shoes on this distinguished day of charity and, this year, the shoe brand is upping the ante.  The top 10 individual shoe donors from around the world will receive a complimentary pair of limited holiday edition Raegan heels, similar to the previous year, but in addition, the top three Dress for Success affiliates across the globe that garner the most total donations will also be awarded with a special gift of brand new shoes directly from Fergie Footwear.

Fergie personally chose the Raegan heel for this year’s holiday offering for its popular and on-trend silhouette.  A new style for the holidays, the Raegan is a red suede sandal with gold straps, and guarantees to provide a festive pop to any holiday outfit. In addition to the #GivingShoesDay incentives it will be providing, Fergie Footwear is also donating 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this shoe to Dress for Success through the beginning of the New Year, up to $40,000.

“Dress for Success is the perfect partner for my holiday shoe initiative. Their annual #GivingShoesDay drive encourages women to give back to those in need and that’s what the holidays are all about,” said Fergie.  “This year’s Fergie Footwear holiday style is a red suede and gold strappy sandal—with all retail proceeds going to Dress for Success.”

The Dress for Success markets that are participating in #GivingShoesDay are:

  •  Albany, NY
  • Almere, Netherlands
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Boston, MA
  • Bridgeport, CT
  • Brookhaven, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Charleston, SC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Columbia, SC
  • Columbus, OH
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Halifax, Canada
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Huntington, WV
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Jackson, MS
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Kingston, Canada
  • Kingston, Jamaica
  • Lackawanna, PA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Lebanon, PA
  • Lexington, KY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Louisville, KY
  • Memphis, TN
  • Missoula, MT
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Mornington Peninsula, Australia
  • New Orleans, LA
  • New York, NY
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Northland, New Zealand
  • Orillia, Canada
  • Orlando, FL
  • Palm Beaches, FL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Racine, WI
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Red Deer, Canada
  • Red River Valley, ND
  • Rochester, NY
  • Sacramento, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Saskatoon, Canada
  • Seattle, WA
  • Shreveport-Bossier, LA
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Strathclyde, Scotland
  • Tallahassee, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Warren-Youngstown, OH
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Wichita, KS
  • Worcester, MA
  • York, PA


Fergie Footwear, owned by Brown Shoe Company, is known for fashion-forward footwear that captures the essence of the eight-time Grammy award-winning artist and style icon, Fergie Duhamel, who is not only a force in the music industry, but also a respected entrepreneur and committed philanthropist. Her debut solo album,

“The Dutchess,” spawned five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles, three of which went to number one. Fergie will release her sophomore album in early 2015.

Joining the ranks of post-Thanksgiving campaigns such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, #GivingShoesDay has proven to be a tremendous #GivingTuesday success for Dress for Success. Since its inception in 2012, this call for shoes was only put to supporters in the United States, which overwhelmingly amassed more than 2,100 pairs of shoes donated through the organization’s American affiliates.  With #GivingShoesDay going global this year, Dress for Success anticipates this being the greatest year of shoe-giving yet.

“Having a complete outfit that a woman feels confident in is the key to making a good first impression in an interview setting and, therefore acquiring a new career, making the need for shoes ever-important to our organization,” said Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide. “Through its continued partnership of #GivingShoesDay, Fergie Footwear is committed to helping women around the world put their best foot forward on their path to self-sufficiency.”

To participate, women can visit the Dress for Success affiliate page at www.dressforsuccess.org/affiliates to find the closest participating location and simply bring their shoes to that boutique on Tuesday, December 2.  For those who would like to donate shoes for #GivingShoesDay, but are not near an affiliate to drop-off the donation, the professional footwear can be sent to the Dress for Success Worldwide warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, where donations of clothing, shoes and accessories are always accepted.  These shipped donations must arrive by December 2 to be considered for #GivingShoesDay, with a note stating that #GivingShoesDay is what the shoes are being donated for.  Additional information on Dress for Success and #GivingShoesDay can be found at www.dressforsuccess.org.

About Dress for Success

Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Since starting operations in 1997, Dress for Success has expanded to more than 135 cities in 17 countries. To date, Dress for Success has helped more than 775,000 women work towards self-sufficiency. Visit www.dressforsuccess.org to learn more.

About Brown Shoe Company

Brown Shoe Company is a $2.6 billion, global footwear company whose shoes are worn by people of all ages, from all walks of life.  Our products are available virtually everywhere — in the nearly 1,300 Famous Footwear and Naturalizer retail stores we operate, in hundreds of major department and specialty stores, on 14 branded ecommerce sites, and on many additional third-party retail websites.  Through our broad range of products, we serve three key market segments with our Family, Healthy Living and Contemporary Fashion brands.  For style-conscious consumers who demand up-to-the-second fashion footwear, we offer Via Spiga, Vince, Sam Edelman, Franco Sarto, Carlos Santana and Fergie Footwear brands.  These high-quality, beautifully crafted and authentically designed shoes keeps fashionistas in step with the latest trends.  At Brown Shoe Company, we inspire people to feel good and live better… feet first!


Katie Murphy

Director, Media Relations

Dress for Success Worldwide

(646) 233-4954


November: Handling the Hectic Holidays

As if maintaining some semblance of work-life balance wasn’t hard enough already, now it’s the holidays!  Not only are you obligated to your hours in the office and responsible for fulfilling your role at home, now you have to find time to shop for gifts, make that dish for your lunchtime potluck, catch the little ones in their school holiday play and, wow, the list doesn’t seem to ever end.

Life can definitely get more hectic around the holidays and that’s why we’ve dedicated the November issue of the Dress for Success Blog to help relieving some of this stress.  We’ve included tips from Carmen Rita Wong on how to balance your children’s expectations with your financial obligations, advice on how to look for work during the holidays, a review of Diane Muldrow’s “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book” and so much more!

I hope that we can help you get a handle on the holiday season and just remember—it’s almost over!

 Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

Kim Cattrall: Tuning Into Your Career

Part of one of the most iconic feminine foursomes in our history, Kim Cattrall was 41 years- old when she landed the role of Samantha Jones on Sex and the City as the brassy high-powered public relations executive who gets what she wants. There’s a scene where Samantha is shopping for an outfit and the sales clerk suggests she may be too old for the dress she chose. Venting some choice words that send the frightened woman running to the stockroom, Samantha proclaims she’s 52 and will “rock that dress.” Not unlike her character, Kim never let demographics dictate any steps on her path to success. Looking back, she shared with Dress for Success how she got the career she always wanted and how she’s constantly reinventing it to keep it meaningful each day.

It only takes a minute sitting down with Kim to realize her mellow demeanor could not be further from the racy reputation of her alter ego, Samantha. She’s calm, modest and even soft spoken at times, but when it comes to her career, Kim has taken a few pointers from Samantha’s forward approach to help her recognize her own self-worth.

“It was like a revolution in my life, playing a character who is such an empowered and confident woman,” says Kim.

She channeled her inner Samantha when negotiating a salary raise for the first Sex and the City movie. Like most industries, Hollywood is still a male dominated world, with women only making up 10 percent of writers and 15 percent of executive producers. Knowing she was standing on an uneven playing field only fueled Kim’s desire to fight for what she knew she deserved.

“I would rather be in a place and be heard than be in a place where I feel very compromised,” she says.

Though she admits standing up for what you believe in is intimidating, Kim suggests this is what gives women an edge. It’s the same societal parameters that hold us back that can also inspire us to find more creative routes to move forward.

Playing an empowered female on the big screen is far from Kim’s only inspiration. Growing up, she did not have a stable home life, moving from England to Canada and living in a car with her family while they drove cross-country. Despite a lack of material wealth, one thing that has always been present in Kim’s life is a supportive group of female friends and family members. Though Kim is best known for her part in the SATC sisterhood, it’s her real life female support system that has had the biggest impact on her. Knowing that others may not be as lucky, Kim believes it’s banding together to cultivate a culture of women helping women that is the key to empowerment and progress.

“We spend so much time in our lives as caregivers: as mothers, wives and sisters, but to be sisters to people who are not your blood, simply your same gender, that’s when change happens,” Kim says.

Realizing the importance of helping those who are coming up after her, she mentors many young actresses, even setting up a scholarship fund at her high school alma mater to financially aid young people entering into the arts.

“These girls are as passionate as I was at that age and I want them to have a life that is worthwhile and fulfilling to them.  I would hate for them to take a job where they had no kind of future or were unable to express themselves,” says Kim.

Raised in a working class family, Kim worked tirelessly to reach fame at mid-life. Now as a single woman at 58, she knows the importance of financial independence. She set up a foundation to allow others the chance to pursue their dreams without the stress she endured early in her career.

As Kim’s career has evolved, so has her definition of success. Today, she says, it is all about how she feels rather than what she can get. When she was younger, she couldn’t work enough, constantly searching for the next role and defining her worth solely on that success. But as she’s gotten older, the same woman who once thought she was too old to play the part of Samantha has embraced her age, realizing jobs, priorities and appearances are all fluid.

Now that she feels the freedom to be selective with her work, Kim puts her energy into parts she finds meaningful and relevant. Recently, she appeared in The Boomer List, a documentary about the last generation of baby boomers, as part of the PBS series American Masters. And, she has partnered with Pfizer in the Tune In To Menopause (tuneintomenopause.com) awareness campaign to encourage women to learn more about managing their menopause experience, and to embrace this time of life. A component of this program provides a donation to Dress for Success.

Today, she is dedicated to giving a voice to the women of her generation, explaining, “It’s so important that, as women, we really take care of other women. As I get older, I get more aware that it’s not just about me and my work, it’s about everyone else around me. I want to give more stories about women my age, there’s so many of us out there, but there really hasn’t been programming to address us and the issues we face.”

Although success has taken a new form in Kim’s life, one constant has always been the support she’s received. Now she plays a large part in cultivating that kind of foundation for others and is redirecting her passion for women and the arts to give her career new life, during mid-life.

Kim Cattrall has teamed up with Pfizer Inc., makers of prescription treatments for certain menopausal symptoms, to launch the Tune In To Menopause campaign, which is designed to bring the conversation front and center and motivate women during this time of life. Kim encourages women to define their own “menopause style” at TuneInToMenopause.com. Visitors can take an interactive quiz about their approach to menopause and get a unique look into some of the changes they may experience. For each quiz completed, Pfizer will donate $1 to Dress for Success, up to $50,000. You can also enjoy Kim’s “Tune In” playlist on Pandora®!

How to Balance Your Children’s Expectations and Financial Obligations During the Holidays

Financial Advice By: Carmen Rita Wong

Q: I’m going to be honest, the holidays are a scary time for me, financially.  I am a single mom with three children and I want to be able to give my children the best holiday possible and I definitely don’t want to disappoint them, but I also need to make sure that all of our bills are paid on time, too. I’ve read your post on using credit card rewards, but I have never owned a credit card and they are a little intimidating. Are there other ways that I can get more bang for my buck when it comes to holiday spending?  I know that you’re a mother yourself, so do you have any tips on how to balance the expectations of my children and still meet my financial obligations?

The holidays are a tough time for anyone on a tight budget. But, credit cards are not the way to go if you’re going to use them to spend money you don’t have. Credit card rewards are only worthwhile if you pay your bill in full and on time, before interest kicks in. If you carry a balance, those rewards go ‘poof’ in value!

This year, if you’ve got a small amount to stretch across those all of those kids, give them the best gift of all, the financial security of not going into debt to buy ‘stuff.’ That may seem like a hard concept to relate to your kids, but do not be afraid to let them know that Santa is on a tight budget this year so gifts will be limited– not because they’ve been ‘naughty,’ but because even Santa has a ceiling.

Of course, when shopping, you should max out tools such as price comparison sites and coupons. Some of my traditional favorites are PriceGrabber.com, RetailMeNot.com and FatWallet.com. And an app like RedLaser lets you scan barcodes and comparison shop right in the store.

But–and this is vital–I can tell you from nearly two decades of experience in this field that tools and sales are great, but by far the biggest way to save money over the holidays is to make sure that your limits are just that: limits. Set these amounts first, before you shop. For example, how much do you have for the holidays as a whole and then how much will go toward holiday travel, holiday gifts for non-family members or holiday cards? Then how much will you spend on yourself (we all tend to do this) and how much on each of your children?

Write this all down or do as I do, build a spreadsheet and enter the limits first. Then, as you shop and plan, enter what you’ve bought and how much you’ve spent. Take the list with you when you shop or have it on your cell phone so it’s always in hand and treat it like a contract with yourself– no violating it!

And next year, start saving for the holidays early. I usually start holiday planning when it comes to my budget as soon as school starts in September. You can even start putting aside money into a separate savings account with the start of the New Year.

We all want to make our children happy and give them a wonderful holiday season, but remember to keep yourself in good financial shape. This is one gift more valuable than anything Santa leaves under the tree.

Carmen Rita Wong is the President and Founder of Malecon Productions. She is the former co-creator and host of the only national, daily personal finance television show, On the Money, on CNBC. Carmen was also the co-founder and former President of an all-female financial planning firm and is currently Assistant Industry Professor of Finance and Risk Engineering at NYU Polytech.

Dear DFS: Should I Volunteer While Searching for a Job?

Dear DFS:

I was let go from my job about a month ago, and haven’t been able to find many opportunities for work since. It seems like everyone is looking for work this time year. So, in the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to volunteer in between job searching. I’ve heard volunteering can be a great way to fill gaps in your resume, so I’m hoping to find something where I can give back to my community and walk away with a valuable experience. I just don’t know where to look. Do you have any ideas?

Hopeful for the holidays!

Amy, Seattle


Dear Amy,

Kudos on keeping your spirits high during your search for a new career! Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to your community, learn new skills, and help maintain a positive outlook as you embark on a new journey. Volunteering demonstrates to potential employers that you are passionate about something and that you care for your community, in addition to showing them you are a person of character and integrity. This would be someone I would want to hire!

When deciding on possible volunteer opportunities, you will want to consider a couple of factors: your schedule availability, personal interests and your values. Finding a volunteer position that fulfills these will help make volunteering a more valuable experience for both yourself and the organization you want to impact. For example, if you had a passion for shopping and wanted to promote the economic independence of low-income women, then volunteering for a local Dress for Success affiliate would be a perfect fit.

There are many different avenues to seek out volunteer opportunities including: MeetUp, SignUpGenius, VolunteerMatch, and NationalService. Internet searches can be very overwhelming, however, many of these sites will help identify an area that interests you or you feel most passionate about. You can also check your local community council for opportunities.

Volunteering should always be fun and rewarding, which is how you should feel about your career. You may want to consider seeking a volunteer position that is closely aligned to the type of employment you wish to secure. For example, if you hope to secure employment as an accountant, you could search for non-profit organizations that are in need of assistance with book-keeping.

Throughout our life, we are all faced with challenging times and it is how we respond to these challenges that reflect who we are as a person. Not allowing the transition between jobs to dampen your spirit speaks wonders of your character and this will shine through as you make strides in your volunteer search and as your career path takes shape.

Good Luck and Blessings,

Kathy Lambert


Dress for Success Midwest & Dress for Success Kansas City

Tips on Hand Writing Your Thank You Notes!

Guest Post from Pilot Pen

You’ve created your resume, customized your cover letter, and had a successful interview. Now what? You write a personalized thank you note. Thank you notes are necessary to write because it is just one more way for you to stand out among all the other potential candidates your company of interest is considering; especially in a world dominated by follow up emails!

Legible, clear handwriting shows you pay attention to detail and it gives you the opportunity to thank your potential employer in your own words. Think about it this way, would you consider a handwritten holiday card more valuable than a holiday e-card? This serves as a tangible reminder that you go the extra mile. Here are several key elements to consider when writing a thank you note.

  1. Thank the interviewer for their time. This is a great way to start your note. It also serves as a great place to transition into the main points of what you want to say.
  2. Consider including details discussed during your interview. Take the opportunity to remind your potential employer about a skill you relayed or a project you are interested in.
  3. Keep it simple and sincere. Be clear and concise with your words. Wordier does not always mean better.
  4. Draft your message before writing the final version to ensure the card looks exactly the way you want it to.
  5. Finish the card with a special touch, a message stating that you would love to be a part of the team.
  6. Be selective with your writing instruments and stationary. Pilot recommends selecting a pen known for a smooth, skip-free writing experience like the Precise. Or use a modern take on the classic fountain pen, which delivers smooth, expressive writing, like the striking MR Animal Collection or pre-filled Varsity.

Diane Muldrow’s “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book”

As an adolescent (or even as an adult!) you may have spent hours and hours pouring textbooks that offer little to no answers for the real world of your everyday life. This was Diane Muldrow’s thinking behind Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book.  If you were one of the two billion readers who learned the importance of hard work and honesty from The Pokey Little Puppy or The Little Red Hen, you were a Little Golden Books kid.

A children’s series launched after World War II, Little Golden Books has offered up life’s lessons through short stories and lovable characters for more than 70 years. As editorial director of the LGB series, Diane created a montage of vintage illustrations from 61 stories and paired them with some classic proverbs and modern advice to remind us how to live simply with contentment.

As part of an officially “plugged in” society, many of us now update our Facebook profile more often than our resumes.  We are inundated, daily, with information and media from all over the world. With this in mind, Diane prefaces her book, suggesting society’s overindulgence, and disregard for its consequences, calls for a return to the basics. Her advice touches on health, happiness, finances and relationships, playing on our nostalgia in an artful and innocent way that allows us to relearn, as adults, what’s really important in life.

Everything I Need to Know forms its own unique genre. Not directly fitting in any category, it’s a self-help anthology that echoes the legacy of the Little Golden Books, reminding us sometimes revisiting the past helps us to move forward with the future. Diane’s short prose offers much needed bedtime solace for adults, proving that life’s best advice can also be the simplest. Much like its genus series, Everything I Need to Know is a nightstand classic, meant to be passed up, down and around all generations.

How to Keep Your Sweaters Looking Their Best!

Don’t you love autumn?  One day it’s warm, one day it’s cool.  Fall is just the unpredictable season that, despites its ups and downs, you just can’t help but love.  One way many of us ladies combat the turbulent temperatures of the season is to simply keep a sweater stashed in our bag or steadfastly hanging from the backs of our office chairs for those times when we don’t plan for that dreaded drop in Mercury.  The best thing about sweaters is that they’re a great way to warm up without dressing down, so we want to make sure that your favorite knitted wares are cared for properly and live a long, purposeful life!  Follow these tips to keep your sweaters looking great season after season:

Wash: Make sure you follow the instructions on the tag. Most wool, cashmere or mohair sweaters will require you to hand wash them. Baby shampoo is a preferable substitute to detergent for these fabrics, which have very delicate fibers. If you are washing rayon, cotton or linen sweaters in a machine, turn inside out and make sure to separate them or only clean with like items. The clasps on bras, zippers and buttons can snag a sweater and create holes or pulls in the fabric.

Dry: Most sweaters should be dried on a flat surface so they do not lose shape after washing.  You can use a towel to dab and soak up excess water before laying them flat and reshaping, but never wring dry. Gather the waist and wrists, button any buttons and straighten the sleeves–pressing and pulling gently to lengthen and restore the sweaters original shape.

Maintain: When your sweater gets “pills” from rubbing and overuse, you can use a razor blade or small electric shaver to remove the excess fibers. After each cleaning check the armpits, elbows and sleeves where rubbing occurs most often.

Fold & Store: After your sweater dries, fold. Do not hang on a hanger or the sweater will stretch out and lose its shape. When storing for the season, make sure your sweaters are washed and fully dried so it does not grow mold or mildew. To further protect, you can use cedar balls in your storage box or drawer as a safe and easy solution to moths, pests and odor.

These few extra steps will keep your sweaters a wardrobe staple and equipped to take on the seasons!


The Success Diaries: Mary Allstead

Dear Mary,

It’s 2009, and there you are, sitting on your front porch, dreaming about starting a cupcake bakery. In fact, all you’ve done for six months, day in and day out, is think about starting this business. You’ve never owned a business. You know nothing about baking. You hardly have any money. But there is something inside of you that says “do it.” You think about the cupcakes you’ll sell, how you will differentiate yourself from other bakeries, how you want your place to “feel” to customers, and how much money you are going to make. You daydream, make notes, read books, search online and try to get as much information as you can. It seems very real and clear to you some days and, other days, it’s blurry and scary. You are determined.  And you are going to take the jump!  Here are some things I’ve learned that will help you to stay motivated along the way:

Don’t listen to those who tell you “you can’t.”

Listen to yourself. Believe in yourself. YOU CAN. You are going to learn that you will have to stop hanging around those friends, and even family, who are negative and unsupportive. You will need to protect yourself and your dream, and the only way to do that is to stay positive. You will start to surround yourself only with those who believe in you. You will become friends with other business owners who will understand what you are going through and offer you support and great advice. It turns out that your dad, who was a small business owner himself, will be an invaluable source of solid advice and business lessons, as well as someone to cry to when things get really tough. He will be the most supportive person in your life. He never once says “you can’t” because he believes in you…not just because you are his daughter, but because he can see your passion and how hard you are working.

Be open to your business growing and not looking exactly like you thought it would.

Be flexible. Starting a business is a process and all of those things you dreamed about are not going to necessarily happen, at least for a while. Everything will not be perfect. In fact, nothing will be perfect or work out the way you thought it was going to!  You will not make the money you thought you would right off the bat. Lots of people will give you advice, and some of it will be good. It’s your business and you will make the decisions, but be open to ideas from others, you don’t know everything!  Your business model may change in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined in the beginning. You will go from having a very small storefront that you share with another bakery (very low overhead), to having your very own place, to thinking about shipping your goods all over the U.S.!  Be open to every new idea. You will have new ideas almost daily, and lots of them are worth exploring, but only some will be successful. It’s okay, keep trying!

You will become a single mom shortly after you start your business.

You didn’t see this coming, but there you are. You can still do this!  It’s harder, now you don’t have a significant other to help support you, both financially and emotionally. But you can do it!  You will figure out how to work around your kids’ schedules and the business. One of the upsides is that your kids will be with you a lot! They will learn to help out, they will learn to understand and care about the business. They can see a direct correlation between how the business is doing and how much money we can spend at home.

You and your boys will become a strong team. Money will be tight, especially the first few years. You will have your heat shut off, your water shut off, and other various crazy things will happen and you will see that your boys are okay. They don’t act upset or freak out, they immediately try to help find a solution.  They act as part of a team and now your oldest is talking about wanting to start a business.  You are raising an entrepreneur!

You are going to make a lot of mistakes.

Mistakes will be made, a lot of them.  You will learn to stay calm and to find creative ways to fix them.  You will figure out that every single time you make a mistake, you will learn a valuable lesson for the next time.  You will learn that most people are forgiving and understanding.

You will get this sense of accomplishment and self-worth that nothing else in your life has ever given you.

You will get to see your dream grow! You are going to do it! You will work more hours than you ever imagined, but you still wake up, every day, excited. Your confidence will grow. You will learn that you can make a real thing out of something you’ve just imagined! You’ll start off with one friend helping you VERY part-time, to having nine employees.

You are going to constantly try new ideas, and be ecstatic when some of them work. You will make yourself learn about profit and loss statements, cash flow, and other things you knew nothing about. You will learn to manage a team. You will get to be on television, in the newspaper and in a calendar for business women. You will be recognized as having one of the top 100 cupcakes in America, you’ll be asked to speak to a class on starting a business, get interviewed on a radio show, and asked to write an article for Dress for Success!  You might even start thinking about starting another business. You will learn that you are an entrepreneur at heart and that this is what you were meant to do.

Good luck Mary! You are in for an exciting journey!

Mary Allstead is the owner of Mix Cupcake Co. in Reno, Nevada, where their cupcakes are all handmade onsite from the finest ingredients daily.  Their menu features 16 different delicious flavors and they are always experimenting with new ones!