3 Secrets For Writing Cover Letters That Get You Hired

By Carol Duke

In this day and age, looking for a job is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Given this fact, does writing a cover letter still matter?

The answer is YES, and a recent employment survey proves that it still plays a crucial role when a potential employer assesses job candidates. But one has to wonder why a lot of job-seekers pay little to no attention to it. Some see it as merely an afterthought to resume writing, while others don’t even bother submitting one alongside their CV.

While it may seem like a blight to many, writing a well-polished cover letter could make an application stand out from the rest. Find out the 3 secrets for writing cover letters that get you hired and will boost your chances of bagging an interview.

Customize Your Cover Letter for Specific Jobs

Using the same old cover letter for applying to different jobs is a huge mistake applicants often commit when applying for a job. Hiring managers can tell at a glance if you’ve submitted a boilerplate cover letter, and it’s the quickest way for your application to be thrown into the bin.

With this in mind, you need to customize your cover letter to make it fit the job you’re applying for. One way of doing this is by matching your qualifications to the specific job. For instance, you can include 2 – 3 skills or experiences that you possess and that you know are required for the job. You can also mention some examples of when you’ve applied those skills.

Yes, this may take up a lot of time and effort but NEVER make a single cover letter and just swap out company names on the process! With a custom cover letter, hiring managers can quickly see that you’re the perfect match for the job.

Add Some Personality

While you need to maintain a professional tone in your cover letter, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use an overly formal language. After all, you don’t want prospective employers to doze off while reading your letter!

Instead, spruce up your cover letter by showcasing your personality and explaining to them how you’d be the perfect candidate for the job.

If you wish to address them in a conversational tone, make sure that it’s according to the personality of the company/brand, as well as the position you’re signing up for. For example, it’s alright to bust out a joke or two if you’re applying to become an editor for a trendy ad agency, but it’s best to keep it formal if you’re applying for the position of a secretary at a financial firm.

And of course, don’t forget to be polite and not appear fake. Avoid using language that’s too corny or awkward.

Proofreading Counts!

Another crucial element to a winning cover letter is that it’s free of spelling and grammatical errors. And so, before sending out your letter to prospective employers, take some time to proofread and edit it thoroughly. After all, even the smallest typo can be a huge eyesore and can make or break your chances of bagging that job interview!

Review your letter carefully and if possible, read it out loud. Don’t forget there are many companies that provide help with grammar, spelling and punctuation. Consider asking them for help, too. This way, you and another person can ensure that you’ve hit all the right points.

Remember, a great cover letter is your ticket to your dream job (or a new and better one) and an opportunity to make a good first impression on your future boss. So, don’t mess it up or take it for granted! Take your time, let your personality shine through, and keep it perfectly polished.

Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve managed to produce a winning cover letter, all you need to do is to get ready for the job interviews coming your way.

Author’s Bio: Carol is very keen on teaching students new, effective ways of learning. When not freelancing and blogging on education-related matters, Carol enjoys traveling. She takes immense pleasure of visiting new countries.

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