August Client Spotlight: Tania

It has been one year since Tania Gomez was honored as a Dress for Success Ambassador. In that year, Tania’s life has gone through many positive shifts as she strives to grow and blossom as a professional, multi-faceted woman.  The classes and programs that Tania attended on her journey with Dress for Success have changed her life in a multitude of ways both in her body and in her mind. She is not the same women she once way and in a year, she will be even greater.

In June of last year, Tania graduated from the Financial Literacy Program which gave her the necessary knowledge and skills to get her financial situation under control. Then, in September, Tania decided to begin a new chapter in her life that began with the Wealthy Being program. She had been wanting to run the NYC Marathon and in pursuing that dream, Tania has already ran two races and recently completed the Brooklyn Half on May 19th, 2018.

In addition to her growing interest in personal health, Tania has also participated in the LeadHership Program, which she is due to finish in a month. Through the lessons and seminars of the program, Tania has felt a positive shift in the trajectory of her career. For Tania, the LeadHership Program has been monumental in her career path. Being a participant of the program has opened up Tania to new opportunities to grow professionally and apply for managerial and supervisory positions at her job. Her faith and belief in her own abilities has grown immensely and Tania is no longer afraid to seize the opportunities that come her way.

In April of 2017, Tania celebrated a major achievement at work. She was promoted to the position of Community Service Specialist and with her hard work and fierce dedication to her job, Tania is looking to move up the ladder at her company and there is no doubt she will achieve anything she sets her mind to.

As Dress for Success gave Tania a new, positive outlook on life, Tania is committed to giving back and empowering others around her. When she needed a helping hand and some guidance, the Dress for Success sisterhood was there for her and Tania is motivated to do the same for women around her. Her humility is exemplary and her recognition for a female solidarity is key to empowering herself and others around her. Currently, she is involved with the CAP project through which she is able to mentor a young lady transitioning out of the foster care system. In her spare time, Tania volunteers at Dress for Success including the recent Be Bold Gala of 2018.

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