AXA Scholarship Recipient, Zeinab Kachmar, Discusses the Challenging Yet Rewarding Parts of Law School

Dress for Success Worldwide has partnered for the eighth year in a row with AXA for the “Pursuit Beyond the Suit” scholarship program. Since 2009, AXA has helped Dress for Success empower women on the road to success with their national educational scholarship. This year AXA will fund $30,000 worth of scholarships to five Dress for Success clients. But first, we wanted to take a look back at our 2016 winners and celebrate their educational success this year!

We checked in with 2016 AXA Scholarship recipient, Zeinab Kachmar, on the steps she has taken in her education and career since receiving the scholarship.

DFS: How has the scholarship award been able to financially assist you with continuing your education? Would you have been able to continue your studies without the scholarship?

ZK: The scholarship that I was awarded has helped me immensely in being able to continue my education. I am paying for law school myself, which has been a very financially difficult process for me. The money that I received from this scholarship allowed me to put my mind at ease when it came to how I would pay for my last semester of school, and therefore I was able to focus more on my job search.

DFS: Have you or are you in the process of reaching your educational goals?

ZK: I am so close to my goal! I graduate this May, if all things go as planned this semester. I am so thankful that I have been able to make it this far, and I hope to be able to continue on my path and keep going towards my ultimate goal of doing health law. I have worked very hard, and even though it has not always been easy, I am hoping that my years of hard work will finally pay off!

DFS: Is there a personal story or something you learned during your semester that was new and you were able to apply towards your career goals?

ZK: I think the thing that struck me the most during law school was that everyone has their own story, and that we should be respectful of everyone’s individual stories. Law school is a trying process that affects each individual differently. Some people find it easier than others, some people don’t make it through and some people take longer to make it. Regardless, law school has shown me that assumptions cannot be made about anyone and their personal stories. Each person is affected differently by everything, and therefore we should be sensitive to that.

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