Be Bold Series: Janee

Growing up, life was not always easy for Janee, the eldest of two children. Raised by her mom and extended family, Janee always felt like she had a strong support system. After completing her Associates Degree at LaGuardia Community College, Janee was more focused on getting a job to pay the bills rather than to seek a career in which she could grow and thrive. At that point, Janee was worried about surviving and staying financially afloat. She learned about Dress for Success from her aunt who worked there. She subsequently completed an internship with Dress for Success of which she writes “It was instilled in me to treat the women who come in the way I would want to be treated. It was an amazing learning experience”.

After having worked within the organization, Janee later became a client participating in the suiting program, the workshops and seminars. Her suiting experience was fun and helped her feel more confident and empowered to go out and seize the opportunities life had in store for her. Janee learned a plethora of skills at Dress for Success. She claims her biggest take away has been, “…my voice is important and it deserves to be heard.” Janee had finally found her voice.

At this time, Janee is enrolled in the RJT program at Dress for Success and seeking a certification that would eventually allow her to pursue her dream of becoming an optician. She has set career goals and with the mentorship of her current supervisor and lessons she learned with Dress for Success, Janee is working towards her goals step by step.

One of the pillars of her moral upbringing was the concept of giving back. Janee is passionate about issues of healthcare, her community and female empowerment. Whenever she gets a chance, she strives to spread the word about Dress for Success and its programs, especially by recommending it to other women.

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