Be Bold Series: Deniza

Deniza has faced her share of hardships and trials throughout her life. After her father died when Deniza was still a young girl, her life drastically changed forever. Her mom, who was a homemaker before had struggled to make ends meet and the death of Deniza’s father only made the home environment even more unstable. Deniza and her mother moved around a lot and that lack of stability put a strain on their relationship. They struggled to find their footing in the United States and eventually moved back to Europe. With no formal secondary education, Deniza found herself in a dire situation.

Through Dress for Success, Deniza discovered a network of women, a sisterhood that has helped her push through tough times. According to her, Dress for Success has helped grow her confidence and courage. When she feels overwhelmed, she could always rely on the women of Dress for Success to uplift her and remind her that there are brighter days ahead. During her first suiting, she felt stunning, she asserts “I felt like a princess strutting through NYC – owning the streets. It may seem silly, but a little bit of glam can make you feel on top of the world.” Through the suiting experience, Deniza found the confidence she needed to conquer the world.

Dress for Success changed Deniza’s life with the programs and seminars that she attended. Through the financial literacy programs and the Professional Women’s Group, Deniza has been able to learn a lot about personal finance. With this knowledge, she was able to develop a monthly budget for herself, lower her APR rate, and got better saving’s percentages on her savings account. She credits Dress for Success for making her financially “woke”. To her, success is like a muscle that needs to be constantly enriched and exercised. Deniza is very active in her community and gives back by mentoring young women.

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