Be Bold Series: Elaine

Elaine grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Her parents, first generation working class immigrants instilled the importance of education and hard work in Elaine from an early age. Two years ago, after Elaine was laid off she was researching when she discovered Dress for Success and that made all the difference. Upon reaching out to Dress for Success, Elaine was referred to the Career Center and signed up for the Professional Women’s Group Program. For Elaine Financial Education and the MiFi programs made the largest impact because through attending those seminars, Elaine learned powerful tools for financial planning that she could utilize to pursue the goal of achieving financial independence.

Elaine’s suiting experience was truly a special and memorable one. Her new suit was a perfect fit and helped her look and feel professional and confident. Elaine felt ready to get out there and seize opportunities. Currently, Elaine is working towards a promotion at her job implementing the skills she cultivated at the Dress for Success programs. The LeadHERship Program has helped Elaine think creatively about her career path and be open to new opportunities.

Having experienced the benefits of the programs at Dress for Success, Elaine gives back by sharing the knowledge she has learned through Dress for Success. She has referred a number of women to Dress for Success so that they too could realize their full potential.

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