Bella Twins partner with Dress for Success for the launch of their new pay-it-forward clothing line Birdiebee

Tell us about Birdiebee? What sparked the idea to start an apparel line and how did you take that idea and turn it into a reality?

“At Birdiebee, we have set out to build a strong community of women who empower and inspire one another. We have a highly engaged community who are equally as passionate about empowerment and Birdiebee was a way for us to bring our core values to life. Our goal is for women to connect, inspire, encourage, and celebrate each other.”

What are you most excited about with the launch of BirdieBee? What impact are you hoping to have? What do you hope your fans and customers take away from the brand?

“Brie and I wanted to create a brand that embossed our passion and love for not only life, but a healthy, enjoyable life,” says Nikki Bella, co-founder of Birdiebee. “Our brand is about creating and fostering a community that is inclusive, supportive, and excited with comfortable, yet stylish transitional pieces.”

You both have thriving self-made careers and have become strong role models for women and girls around the world. Why is that so important to you?

“We know the power of feeling powerful as a woman, and we want to share that feeling with women around the world. Self confidence and self worth are important to us – having that feeling is what got us to where we are today. We want every woman to know she can accomplish what she puts her mind to and to never forget to Bee Fearless and Bee Strong.” – Brie

What professional and/or personal accomplishments are you most proud of and why?

“The Women’s Revolution at WWE was our proudest moment in our careers,” explains Brie. “Knowing that we helped break barriers with other women at WWE to create equality, she continues. I loved how strong we stood in what was considered a man’s world. Finding inner strength and confidence helped us thrive in our careers.”

“Without the unity of the women in our locker room we would have never experienced the women’s revolution,” says Nikki. “We turned all our No’s into Yes’s, negatives into positives and through all the tears we got to the top.”

Why is promoting women’s empowerment and giving back especially to women and girls so important to you?  

“Giving back to women and girls is important to us because they are the inspiration to Birdiebee. We want the world to be made up of strong, confident, giving women, and we know that we must give back to foster that idea in others.” – Nikki

Why did you choose Dress for Success Worldwide as your charity partner? What are you hoping to achieve by giving back to the organization through the Birdie Bee brand?

“Dress for Success is an amazing organization that believes in the same mission as Birdiebee – we want a world where women do not live in poverty but are treated with dignity, respect and ultimately to feel empowered as women. We believe in the statements on our clothing and know that Dress for Success is a further embodiment of those statements.” – Brie

What does Success mean to you?

“Success means feeling confident to go after your dreams and know that you will achieve them. Success isn’t tied to a monetary value or the number of things you own – it’s about self-worth and knowing you are working to do your best at what makes you feel most successful.”

From November 1 through December 31st, 2017 Birdiebee will donate 2% of all proceeds to Dress for Success. Shop here:

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