Career Tips for the Millennial Leader

It is a good day to be a woman in the workplace. We are nurturers by nature which is a trait a successful leader needs to build teams. Women have transferrable skills balancing families, running to committee’s and holding it together the next morning as a strong woman at work.

In today’s workforce, we need to be creative, innovative, enterprising and compassionate whether we work in business or an office. Here are the top ways to help you become a powerful woman this year.

Time to Soul Search

Now is the time to look within to congratulate your achievements and work on areas of opportunity. In our fast-paced workplace, a manager has limited time to be transparent about your work performance and how it impacts the company.

Think about interactions with the team. Do you help your boss when work is overflowing? Do you attend monthly networking events? Once we step outside our comfort zone, it is then that new opportunities will arrive.

Be Resume and Cover Letter Ready

The best time to update a resume is throughout the journey of your career. The reason is a new job opening can open up when it is least expected. A friend at another company might need your resume in a short period to recommend you for a new role. If you work in education, a teacher resume online can offer direction on how to write a resume an add keywords that human resources recruiters will scan to find your resume.

Become a Leader

A leadership opportunity can be on the job or through a volunteer position. Here are a few ways to use your talent to inspire people to help further their career:

  • Junior Achievement: Junior Achievement is an association for adult professionals to teach career advice and business-related topics to elementary and high school students.
  • Start a committee: Some organizations lack a presence of committee involvement which is a perfect opportunity to work directly with management and executives.

Public Speaking is Essential

Whether you are a working woman or an entrepreneur people will not know who you are unless you get in front of a stage. Do you work in marketing? Contact a marketing association and volunteer to as a public speaker at a seminar or event. Remember to bring business cards or marketing material to share with people that want to learn about you.

Guest Post by Makeda Waterman

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