Tips to De-Stress at Work

Guest Post By Jean Cherry

Let’s face it–work can be stressful. Demands have increased to the point that it is difficult to fit work within a 40-hour work week without creeping into personal time. Companies have changed the way they do business with the globalization of the economy, increased technological innovations, and changing worker demographics. … Read More

Career Tips for the Millennial Leader

It is a good day to be a woman in the workplace. We are nurturers by nature which is a trait a successful leader needs to build teams. Women have transferrable skills balancing families, running to committee’s and holding it together the next morning as a strong woman at work.

In today’s workforce, we need … Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Eden Ferrer

Meet Eden Ferrer, a Sous Chef at Maite in Brooklyn, NY and longtime Dress for Success Worldwide Volunteer.

DFS: How long have you been volunteering for DFS?

EF: I started out at the DFS in Los Angeles, in West Hollywood back in 2011. I moved to NYC in 2013, and started volunteering here at … Read More