May: Spring Towards a Better You

It’s May, the weather’s warming up and the sun just seems to be shining a little brighter, doesn’t it?

But with this change of seasons comes a variety of new challenges: Those nice, sunny days can cause what high school kids refer to as “senioritis”—the desire to just blow off your responsibilities for a carefree afternoon, we have to figure out where to store all of our bulky winter-wares, and let’s not forget about that seam-busting BBQ season looming just around the corner!

This month, we have tapped into some really amazing women that we think can help you get your professional—and personal—life in order as Spring comes into full bloom: we detail the journey of one of Oprah’s go-to gals, Gabrielle Bernstein, in this month’s Power Woman column; Robin Arzon gave-up her power suits for spandex and has some epic advice for her younger self; and Lisa Adams from LA Closet Design tells us what we need to know about uncluttering our closets—and our minds.

Check out all of this content—and more—as we step towards summer and our better selves!

Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

September: A Labor of Love

Every year, on the first Monday in September, the United States pauses to pay homage and offer gratitude to the men and women of the Labor Movement. On this special day, the nation celebrates the contributions that everyday workers have made to the vitality of the country.

Dress for Success, then, could think of no better month than to pay tribute to women who work hard day after day to pursue their dreams and attain self-defined success.

This month, we are pleased to introduce you to a woman whose success we’ve watched catapult before our very eyes. Businesswoman and TV personality Bethenny Frankel is our September Power Woman, because her relentless pursuit of her passion has led her into the spotlight of success.

September is also a special month for both Bethenny and Dress for Success because it is during this month (on September 12th to be exact) that we will announce a new partnership that will help positively impact the lives of the women that Dress for Success serves.

Bethenny is a phenomenal example of women who propel themselves forward while simultaneously reaching back, which is why we are proud to share our interview with her this month.

In addition, to learning from our Power Woman, you’ll get to read celebrated TV producer Denise Hendricks’ letter to her younger self. Be sure to have a pen handy, as she definitely offers some advice worth taking note of.

We’re also recommending a poignant memoir in our Book Shelf, that will challenge you to change the way you view others and yourselves.

We’ll also offer you a fun and free fitness option that will help you put the work in workout!

As always, all of our Dress for Success experts and our money maven Carmen Wong Ulrich are here answering more of your questions, and our beauty feature offers some absolutely hair-raising advice on how to look beautiful on a budget.

In the spirit of Labor Day, our editorial team has really worked hard to create an informative and enjoyable September issue of the blog for you.

I hope you’ll find the tips, insights, and advice to be exactly what you need to keep you Going Places. Going Strong.


Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

August: Where Do You Want to Go?


“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  – Lao Tzu


At Dress for Success, we often  talk about success as a journey, but this month I invite you to consider whether or not you are choosing your destination.

Self-defined success is a core principle of all of the programs of our organization. This means that we work to empower our women to choose what success looks like for them– and then do the work that is required in order to achieve that goal.

This month on the blog, we are focusing on travel, in both the literal and the figurative sense. As you read the articles and the interviews herein, reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go. Ask yourself, “Are the things that I’m doing today going to get me to where I want to be tomorrow?” If the answer is no, then now seems like a great time to redirect and chart a new course for your future.

In 2010, Dress for Success changed its mantra to underscore the idea that success really is a journey. As you move forward in your life, remember that it’s not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going.  My team and I, through our programs and through the information we share on this blog, aim to help keep you  “Going Places. Going Strong.” 

This month, we dedicate our blog to all of the places that you will go. Travel as far and as high as you dare to dream. Whether that’s around the world or to a new level in your personal or professional life, remember that you are in the pilot seat of your success. Think of Dress for Success as your own personal flight attendant, standing by your side and offering you what you need to have a safe and successful trip in both smooth, and turbulent times.

Enjoy your trip, take lots of pictures, and if you have time, send us a post card once you reach your destination!

We can’t wait to see where you’ll wind up!


 Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

June: Tie the Knot with Your Career!

During the month of June, Dress for Success joins the world in celebrating marriage!

While the tradition of June weddings dates back more than 2,000 years, it is not the bridal-bliss type of marriage that Dress for Success is now honoring. During this sixth month of the year, we encourage our women to marry their personal passions to their professional dreams and create a life-long career that they will love!

That is why I am thrilled to present our exclusive interview with the iconic Sylvia Weinstock, whose passion for baking led her to build a sweet empire that today represents the pinnacle of confectionary luxe. Also this month, we’ll hear from a small business owner who found her passion for affordable wedding planning later in life, but didn’t let “cold feet” stop her from saying “I Do” to her entrepreneurial dream.

Wedding puns aside, it truly warms my heart to bring you this issue of the Dress for Success Blog. As CEO of this organization, I have the privilege of going to a job everyday that I absolutely love. The joy and fulfillment that my career brings me is a gift that I hope every woman will give to herself. When we do what we love, we are more willing to do it with excellence, enthusiasm, and endless energy. That alone may be the greatest proof point for my belief that love is the universal key to success.

As you read through the posts in this edition of our blog, I encourage you to search your soul and find the type of work that would lead you to your professional bliss.

Close your eyes, open your heart, and listen closely to your spirit. If you hear your personal passion whispering “Will you marry me?” I hope that your professional goals will enthusiastically answer, “YES!”





Joi Gordon is the CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

May: Get Bossy & Define Your Own Success!

At Dress for Success, we refer to our women’s strides towards self-sufficiency as their “Success Journey.” By doing so, we acknowledge each of the steps that it takes—sometimes over smooth, paved paths and sometimes across treacherous, uphill terrains- to transform struggles into success.

Although the journey is not always easy, it is important to us that our women know that they are never on the journey alone. When a woman becomes a member of Dress for Success, she walks into our doors as an individual but she walks out as part of a powerful group.

Women who are still in search of employment may join our Going Places Newtwork by Walmart, a club of job-seeking women that comes together monthly to enhance their job search and interviewing skills. Women who successfully find employment may join our Professional Women’s Group, an association of working women that meets monthly to share and learn new ways to adapt to and thrive in business culture. Finally, for our women who are long term professionals- women who have been employed for a year or longer- we extend membership to our Associate Professional Women’s Group. As these ladies have mastered the workplace, we now help guide them along the path to complete self-sufficiency through financial literacy, debt elimination, and even entrepreneurship programs.

During the month of May, we celebrate the Success Journey through our annual Power Walk for Dress for Success. This first-of-its-kind 5K event, serves as a walking testament to the power that every woman has to achieve self-defined success.

Actor and humanitarian Michael Michele is no stranger to self-defined success.  During her candid Power Woman interview, Michael opens up about overcoming barriers and achieving exactly those things which the world says you can’t do. Her story is inspiring and eye-opening and I hope that it will move you to push beyond the limitations  which others try to set on your life.

A word of caution: Becoming a woman who is living your life your own way may lead you to be called many names- “bossy” may be among them. That is why, this month we’ve selected the hilariously empowering book Bossypants as our Book Shelf recommendation. We also took to the streets to talk to stylish women who are wearing professionalism their way. And because economic independence is the foundation of true independence, finance guru Carmen Wong Ulrich is back with money management advice that will help you keep your financial house in order until your success goals are fulfilled.

The journey to success is not always easy, but if you look at where you are in contrast to where you’ve been ,I’d bet that you can agree that you’ve already come a mighty long way!

Don’t give up!

Keep going, one step at a time.

Success may be closer than you think.

I look forward to seeing you at your success finish line!





Joi Gordon is the CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

April: Beauty, Butterflies, & Transformation!

April is my favorite time of year!

During the month of April, Dress for Success Worldwide celebrates the transformation of our women at our annual Something to Share Gala.

For this special event, our women get glammed up with the help of Bobbi Brown CosmeticsDavid Meister, and lia sophia.  I love to see them sparkle on this occasion, because the beauty which they exude on the outside is truly a manifestation of the beauty that they have discovered on the inside.

During the month of April, buds become flowers, caterpillars become butterflies, and women rich with potential become women overflowing with power.

Speaking of power, this month’s featured Power Woman is on a mission to transform the plight of women in business. Sheryl Sandberg, the celebrated COO of Facebook, now adds author to her résumé as she publishes her new working woman’s manifesto, “Lean In.”

Dress for Success had the privilege of speaking with Sheryl about her mission to get women to come together in support of one another’s individual and collective success. After learning more about her “Lean In” philosophy, and talking to her about our longstanding Professional Women’s Group (PWG), we soon realized that the women of Dress for Success have been leaning in for years! Now isn’t that Something to Share?!

April is the month of transformation and today I celebrate the transformation of YOU!

Whether you are at the beginning, in the middle, or nearing the end of your journey, know that I, along with the full family of  Dress for Success, believe in you!





Joi Gordon is the CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide 

March: Make History and Celebrate You!

During the month of March, the world pauses to celebrate women.  It celebrates women who have made great strides and who have forever changed the condition of humanity. Be they inventors such as Mary Phelps Jacob, political leaders such as Margaret Thatcher , renowned artists such as Judith Jamison, or business stalwarts such as Muriel Siebert, power women all over the world are remembered and celebrated for at least these 31 days of the year.

At Dress for Success, we celebrate the power of every woman. Women who, much like you, aim to make the most out of their personal histories and set themselves up for a triumphant future.

This month’s blog is a headlined by a woman who is a history maker in her own right. Mikki Taylor, our March Power Woman, has broken through countless barriers as she worked to become one of the foremost authorities on international beauty. And because one power woman can always recognize another, Mikki shares with us how she leveraged her history-making career to unlock her limitless future, which led her to author a book on the ultimate power woman and history maker, First Lady Michelle Obama.

In this month’s issue we’ll also explore ways to make powerful fashion statements at affordable prices with one of Dress for Success’ generous corporate partners, jcp. We’ll also learn ways to manage minimal finances, take control of our career searches, and FASCINATE  the world.

By the time you finish this month’s blog, I hope you’ll realize that the power to make history lies inside of you.  In that spirit, I am proud to salute working and soon-to-be working women everywhere for the history that you are making in your homes and communities every day. I also look forward to seeing the fruit of your labor in the form of a brighter and more success-filled future for us all!

Happy International Women’s History Month, my friends!

Continue making history every day!





Joi Gordon is the CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide


Welcome to the brand new Dress for Success blog!

When I decided to develop this site, I wanted to create a Web destination for everyday women that serves as an extension of the support and encouragement that Dress for Success gives to its clients around the world. While we’re widely known as the organization that provides suits to disadvantaged women, the truth is that we provide our women with much more than just a suit—we give them the tools and resources they need to get a job, keep that job and obtain financial independence.

Through this blog, we are now able to share this information with all women in transition, even those who are not clients of Dress for Success.

Having led Dress for Success for 15 years, I know first-hand that attempting to enter, and in many cases, re-enter today’s workforce can be harrowing for any woman, for with unemployment comes financial stress, emotional angst and impending personal crises.

Despite these hardships, we at Dress for Success believe that “Every woman has the POWER to be a SUCCESS story.” This is a truth that we have seen actualized time and time again in awe-inspiring ways.

So as our economy meanders and the job market swings, we knew that the time had come to bring the resources of Dress for Success beyond the walls of our boutiques and make the expert information that we so readily provide to our clients, available to all women in transition all around the world.

Whether you were recently laid off, have been unemployed for years, graduated college into an unwelcoming job market, are looking to transition from welfare to work, or are simply trying to take your career to the next level, you have come to the right place.

Here, you will find access to the best of Dress for Success—invaluable information from our career and lifestyle experts on array of topics including career management, personal finance, health and wellness, and, of course, business style and beauty.

We will also share inspirational profiles of power women who have found triumph through their transitions, and encouragement from real women, just like you, who put their best faces forward and achieved self-defined success.

I welcome you to the inaugural publication of our first ever Dress for Success blog. The articles and posts here were written to inform and inspire you– the woman on the move.

I know, no matter your current employment status, that you’re Going Places. This blog was created to help keep you Going Strong.