Dear DFS: How Can I Get My Dream Company to Notice Me?

Dear DFS,

I think it is time to move on from my current position and find a new job, but I don’t just want any job!  There is one company in particular that I have wanted to work with for years now.  I hate to sound cheesy, but it’s kind of my dream job! I regularly check their website to see if they have any openings that would be fitting for me, but haven’t seen anything yet.  Is there anything that I can do in the meantime to let them know about me?  I know that good things come to those who wait, so I am prepared to be patient until the right position arises, but I want to be as proactive as possible, as well!

I am determined to achieve my dreams,


Manchester, UK

Dear Tara,

We are really happy to know that you’re following your dreams and are inspired to develop a great career with the company that you really desire to work in, but you have and can do much more than just checking their website or waiting for the lucky start to reach you!

So what can you do in the interim until you reach your dream position? Well, that gap can be filled in many ways—by continuously collecting information and research on the company, as it seems you have been doing; posting your resume to company’s online job board if they have one; or even attempting to reach out to their human resources team directly to set up an exploratory interview.

Are they hosting an event in the near future?  RSVP for it and make plans to attend, so that you can mingle with those that matter the most in the department that you’re aiming for.

Are there other organizations in your area that are hiring for the same type of position that you’d like to acquire?  Garnering more experience in your preferred area of work is never a bad thing and this might actually make you a more desirable candidate to the company that you really want to work for.

And never underestimate the importance of networking!  If you ask most people, “how did you get your job here?,” I bet that nine out of ten of them will say that some person told them about it. Here in Lisbon, we refer to those people as “bridge people.” They know you, you know them and they know someone else. Most jobs get filled by these “bridge people.

You already identified your dream company, so now it’s time to identify your “bridge people.” LinkedIn can be your best friend here. I´m sure that the company you want to work for has a Company Profile page on LinkedIn, as most employers recognize it as a valuable tool to find valuable employees just like you!

Go to that Company Page and see if you’re connected to anyone that works there.  Is there just one or two degrees of separation between you and a current employee of the company?  Then ask your mutual acquaintance if they will make an introduction for you.  If the degrees of separation are a bit greater, simply send them an invite to connect and see what happens.  Now that you have the names of the current employees that would be most relevant to you, you can also Google them and see if you can find their work email address and try to connect with them directly that way.

Bridge people” or not, never forget that people are crucial to your job-hunt and beyond.

Good luck and count on us.


 Fernanda Machado

Founder & President

Dress for Success Lisbon

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