Dress for Success Worldwide and FedEx Launch New Interactive Online Learning Platform

Dress for Success Worldwide, in collaboration with FedEx Corp., is excited to announce the launch of The Career Hub, an innovative digital platform which will provide access to online learning and workforce development resources for women through their computers or smart phones. This progressive evolution will enable clients and affiliates of Dress for Success to interface with a high quality educational resource coupled with shared access to opportunities. Success Ambassador, Mary Cosme, refers to the Career Hub as “a network of support at my fingertips!”

The Career Hub, fully funded by FedEx, directly supports Dress for Success Career Centers which focus on providing programming for women at various stages of their employment development cycle including career preparation, planning and development, workforce development, employment and career advancement and life-long learning. The Career Center has become an invaluable resource for women around the world to stay connected to their local affiliate, participate in workshops and maintain a network of support.

Dress for Success Chief Program Officer, Angela Williams, is thrilled with the potential to provide women juggling challenging schedules with vital career information to help ensure their professional success. “The Career Hub platform and mobile app are guaranteed to expand the reach and scope of our global programming way beyond the traditional brick and mortar setting,” she said.  “Over the past twenty years, we have served over one million women, now there are no limits to the number that we can serve.”

The Career Hub will continue to be a game changer for Dress for Success as it provides a pathway to bolster affiliate programmatic implementation and execution, enrich the professional development of all of its members, include industry specific career mapping, descriptions of career opportunities on a job board, postings of up and coming webinars, employment vacancies and skills-based training classes on the Career Hub dashboard.

Dress for Success client, Latanya Wilson, a professional IT Specialist claims, “In IT if you don’t adapt, you stagnate. Today, every workplace is finding its need for IT to be growing exponentially. Today’s work force is required to do more than ever before. It’s now expected that users will need to have 24-hour access on a mobile device and will have to give presentations or attend them from remote locations. Every workplace is now required to integrate more and more technology just to stay relevant in a changing landscape.” Latanya is excited to take advantage of the learning modules and job boards and will be utilizing the new Career Hub platform to take the next steps in her career and learn how to be most successful within it.

As our Dress for Success clients evolve in their careers and achieve their next steps, The Career Hub will evolve with them. Mary Cosme, one of our Success Ambassadors had time to explore the digital platform at the launch event in our Manhattan boutique on July 18th. She claims, [I am most excited about] being able to receive support as I advance in my career. Sometimes people think you only need help if you don’t have a job, but oftentimes transitioning to a higher level role can be equally as challenging and a bit intimidating.” As our women move forward in their careers, The Career Hub, Dress for Success and FedEx will be there to support and propel them forward.

“We are excited to support Dress for Success with this new technology that will give women the tools and job skills they need to successfully navigate the job application process, secure employment and help them remain employed,” said Rose Flenorl, manager of global citizenship at FedEx.  “At FedEx we understand that an estimated one-third of unemployment in the United States can be attributed to the gap between the skills candidates possess and those desired by employers.  The Career Hub aligns with our Employment Pathways pillar in which we are committed to help bridge this divide, by making sure that all job-seekers have the chance to develop necessary workforce skills and competencies.” 

To keep program standards high, Dress for Success aims to serve all women with the most relevant and advanced services possible. With the support of FedEx, Dress for Success plans to continue to expand and enhance the highly regarded Career Centers around the world. The Career Hub launched on July 18th in all three Worldwide locations – Manhattan, Los Angeles and Chicago. We can’t wait to see where The Career Hub goes next!

(Dress for Success clients attend The Career Hub launch event in Manhattan on July 18th.)

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