Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic”

Everyone wants to write the next mega- selling Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling or don beautiful heels and perform on stage like Beyoncé but very few know how to make the dream a reality. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert provides the tools. She tells her story on the creative process, providing humor and wisdom on what’s essential in order to release the gifts inside you.

The author of best-selling books Eat, Pray, Love; Committed; and Signature of All Things, Gilbert is a widely celebrated author but is no stranger to hardship. Before her success, she was in her early twenties working as a waitress in diners, bartending, serving as a teacher at NYU and traveling, all the while writing—which came with its fair share of rejection letters. Gilbert understands the difficulties in pursuing a creative career, yet she also attests that there is great joy in it. This inspired her to write Big Magic.

In Big Magic, Gilbert breaks the steps to creative living in six chapters: “Courage,” “Enchantment,” “Permission,” “Persistence,” “Trust” and “Divinity.” Through personal anecdotes, wit and advice, Gilbert offers the tools needed to go after your creative passions.

Unlike other works written by Gilbert, in Big Magic, she not only allows the reader into her life, discussing the experiences she faced as an emerging writer but she also provides numerous advice and wisdom for those wanting to pursue their passion. In “Permission,” Gilbert lets the reader understand that waiting to be told when to pursue your ideal job is pointless. She made a commitment to herself at the young age of 16 that writing would be her job and she continues to be relentless in her pursuit.

Gilbert’s book is for all those with the burning sensation to go out and produce something, whether a “struggling writer,” “emerging artist” or an expert in your field, Big Magic provides inspiration to everyone. Inspiration to start and continue to do the work that fuels you.

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