Fall Beauty Tips: Dry Skin is Never In!

There are a lot of beauty benefits to fall: avoiding the sweat that clogs our pores during the warmer months, a significant decrease in humidity, which leaves our hair gorgeous and flowing. However, as the weather cools down, women face seasonal beauty troubles that interrupt our daily routines. This month at Dress for Success, we are here to help you combat one of the most devious fall beauty culprits: dry skin.

This impending cold weather woe can easily become more irritating than trick-or-treaters who keep knocking long after you’ve turned your lights off. Cooler temperatures mean less moisture in the air. And as the temperature drops, so does the humidity that helps maintain our dewy summer complexion. While cooler air may be great for your blow out, it unfortunately drains the moisture from your skin, leaving it noticeably parched. Even normal habits we develop in the winter and fall, like drinking more coffee to combat the fatigue we feel from earlier sunsets, contribute to developing dry skin. In fact, too much caffeine is one of the greatest causes of dry skin. And those hotter showers you take to warm up from the morning frost? Hot water actually strips our skin of necessary oils to keep us hydrated.

Think you are about to spend the entire winter irritable and scratching away? The good news is that there are many ways we can keep our skin nourished during the colder months of the year.

  • The first step is to moisturize. Investing in a bottle of thick lotion moisturizer is the easiest way to ensure that you won’t be feeling itchy all day from flaky skin. Most retailers carry generic brands that cost only a few dollars and are large enough to last you until the spring. It’s easy to incorporate lathering up into your daily routine, start just by using your lotion right after your shower.


  • But remember what we told you about hot showers? Save some money on your heating utilities and stop taking them! Stick to warm showers and baths, which won’t remove the oils that keep your skin hydrated.


  • Also, you have probably learned from a young age that milk does the body good. In fact, the natural fats and lactic acid in milk can soften and exfoliate the dead skin cells which are making you itch. But don’t waste your money on expensive “milk-infused” spa products; one of our favorite tricks is to just add two cups of milk to a warm bath. This simple step hydrates your skin and gives you a relaxing spa experience right in your own home. Add a little music and what better way to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day’s work?


  • But, the ultimate secret to keep you itch free all winter? Drink more water. Water hydrates the body inside and out. Eight glasses of water a day will not only best prepare you to combat dry skin, but with those sips you are guaranteed to be keeping your body healthy and hydrated throughout all the cold months ahead.

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