How to Answer When Success is Calling!

There’s nothing easy about the job search, but if asked to pinpoint the most unnerving part of the process, many would say it’s interviewing. Yet, even more harrowing than a face-to-face meeting is the initial phone interview. Today these preliminary interviews are so prevalent that 92% of HR managers surveyed say they screen applicants via telephone before ever requesting an in-person meeting and 95% rely on these conversations to gauge a candidate’s qualifications.

Over the years, we’ve seen many talented and intelligent women come through our doors who are more than capable of getting the job, but were simply unprepared to handle a phone interview.  It was these women who inspired us to partner with TracFone to create Success is Calling.  As part of the program, TracFone created a series of training videos that offer career tips from multi-talented performer Vanessa Williams. Check out the videos below to find out Vanessa’s advice for nailing a phone interview, as well as fashion tips and practice questions to prepare for your next big opportunity.

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