How to Keep Your Sweaters Looking Their Best!

Don’t you love autumn?  One day it’s warm, one day it’s cool.  Fall is just the unpredictable season that, despites its ups and downs, you just can’t help but love.  One way many of us ladies combat the turbulent temperatures of the season is to simply keep a sweater stashed in our bag or steadfastly hanging from the backs of our office chairs for those times when we don’t plan for that dreaded drop in Mercury.  The best thing about sweaters is that they’re a great way to warm up without dressing down, so we want to make sure that your favorite knitted wares are cared for properly and live a long, purposeful life!  Follow these tips to keep your sweaters looking great season after season:

Wash: Make sure you follow the instructions on the tag. Most wool, cashmere or mohair sweaters will require you to hand wash them. Baby shampoo is a preferable substitute to detergent for these fabrics, which have very delicate fibers. If you are washing rayon, cotton or linen sweaters in a machine, turn inside out and make sure to separate them or only clean with like items. The clasps on bras, zippers and buttons can snag a sweater and create holes or pulls in the fabric.

Dry: Most sweaters should be dried on a flat surface so they do not lose shape after washing.  You can use a towel to dab and soak up excess water before laying them flat and reshaping, but never wring dry. Gather the waist and wrists, button any buttons and straighten the sleeves–pressing and pulling gently to lengthen and restore the sweaters original shape.

Maintain: When your sweater gets “pills” from rubbing and overuse, you can use a razor blade or small electric shaver to remove the excess fibers. After each cleaning check the armpits, elbows and sleeves where rubbing occurs most often.

Fold & Store: After your sweater dries, fold. Do not hang on a hanger or the sweater will stretch out and lose its shape. When storing for the season, make sure your sweaters are washed and fully dried so it does not grow mold or mildew. To further protect, you can use cedar balls in your storage box or drawer as a safe and easy solution to moths, pests and odor.

These few extra steps will keep your sweaters a wardrobe staple and equipped to take on the seasons!


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