How to Look Like a Million Bucks While Flying Mile High!

It can be difficult to maintain a polished look from even your home to the office during these summer months, but add in a few hours on a flight and you’re taking the chances of a fashion catastrophe to a whole new level! But this doesn’t mean you can’t look chic and sophisticated while flying sky high. We aren’t saying endure your neighbor’s drool in the next seat while constricting yourself to heels and a starchy suit, but appearance is still important, especially when traveling for business. Research shows that flight attendants are more likely to dole out extra attention to well-dressed and neatly groomed travelers. So we’ve broken down your business travel stressors into a few easy steps that will leave you confident, prepared and maybe even upgraded to first class!

Dress Like a First-Classer, Even When Flying Coach

So how do you look professional, kempt and still remain comfortable on a flight? The key again is to dress in layers. This is practical for temperature control, as well as presentation.

Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk or linen. Other synthetic fibers act as incubators for sweat and can make you feel even dirtier on a long trip.

Bottoms: Try a pair of ankle dress pants or an ‘A’ line skirt that won’t be constricting.

Top: Pair with a blouse or loose fitting tank and add a blazer overtop. The blazer will give the outfit a touch of professionalism and style, but is easily removable to accommodate conditions while traveling.

Shoes: Choose a pair of slip on flats or low heels that won’t have you tripping over drink carts in the aisles. The flats can slip easily into a carry-on and be swapped for a pair of heels if you have to run off to a meeting. If it’s colder, try wearing a pair of low-heeled boots and save room in your luggage.

Accessories: Light-weight scarves work great for any season and won’t weigh heavy on your body like a necklace or dangling earrings. If you can’t part with the bling, store it in your carry-on and put it on after the trip.

Maintaining Healthy Hygiene While Mile High

Face: Exfoliate your skin the night before and then apply moisturizer the next morning to combat the dry air on planes. Dead skins cells can block the moisturizer from actually absorbing in the skin. While on the flight, ask for an extra cup of ice with your beverage and wrap a cube in a napkin.  Hold it under your eye for a minute to decrease the inflammation that adds to a jet-lagged appearance.

Mouth: Not only does it feel like the Sahara in there, it probably also has a sour taste from ‘option 2’ on the mid-air menu. Try snacking on a green apple or ask the flight attendant for a lemon wedge.  Both have a tartness that activates salvation and a natural cleansing.

Hair: Blow-dry your hair the night before or the morning of your flight to add as much volume as possible. While traveling, use a neck pillow to protect from flat hair while relaxing. Don’t forget to stash some dry shampoo and hair spray in your bag for a quick touch up on your way out.

Makeup: Try to avoid applying too much make-up before a long flight and focus on bright neutral tones to accent natural features. On your way out of the airport, stop in the restroom and apply some mascara to your top lash, but skip the bottom, to avoid adding to any dark circles.

Full-body: The idea is to trick your body into staying hydrated and full when you’re not expending much energy. The air is usually dry and poorly circulated on a plane, so drinking water or even coconut water, which has an added electrolyte boost, will keep your body looking and feeling good. Also, snack often and strategically. Portable snacks like nuts have omega-3 fatty acids that will do wonders for your complexion and keep you full longer.

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