How to Take Care of That Summer Hair

The weather’s finally breaking and it’s time to let your hair down, literally. Summer is here and it’s time to ditch the harsh blow dryer and embrace the natural air dryer.  But for some of us, that freedom comes with a little frizz. So we have some expert tips from the beauty guru’s at Strength of Nature to help tame your tresses and keep your carefree day at the beach from spiraling out of control.

Keep up the conditioning: Thick, curly and course hair can be dry to begin with, so during the summer months a little extra conditioning will keep your hair healthy and hydrated.  We recommend African Pride’s Shea Butter Miracle with olive oil and herbal oil extracts. Try refrigerating the conditioner and leaving it in for a refreshing DIY spa feel.

It’s all about frequency: For dry, textured hair, there is a delicate balance between washing too much and not enough. The sweat and chlorine that comes with a day at the pool can irritate your skin, so try just rinsing and then conditioning a few times a week. This will keep the chemicals and bacteria from accumulating on your scalp without over-drying your hair. Try to limit your shampooing to just once or twice a week with the Beautiful Textures line, which is specially designed to strengthen and style mixed-textured hair, tempering anything from frizzy-kinky coils to full wavy curls.


Go with the flow, not the frizz: Using heat styling is even more damaging and less effective in the summer. Ditch the straightener and curler for a few months and give your hair time to heal. Using a style sealant like ElastaQP Glaze Plus Silkening Polisher Anti Frizz Serum provides a protective layer over the hair cuticle or the hair strands outer-most covering to prevent environmental damage from wind, water and sun. It also has natural moisturizers that fill the porous holes in textured hair to keep it strong and less prone to breakage.

When you’re in a hurry: Throw on a hat. A straw fedora or floppy sun hat can add style and save your strands from sun. Just like skin, hair is easily damaged by the sun’s rays. Over-exposure can dry out your strands leaving unmanageable frizz and even damage your color or natural hue.

For more products and tips to keep your hair summer chic, visit Strength of Nature.

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