June Client Spotlight: June

June has excelled both professionally and in her personal life since joining Dress for Success. Through the programs and seminars, she has cultivated important skills that make her both more employable and feel more empowered. With the expertise she gained from the seminars, June has put herself on an upward trajectory and turned her life around.

For June, one of the most helpful services of Dress for Success was the Professional Women’s Group, a sisterhood of like-minded women who give guidance to one another, empower, inspire, network together and learn together. In this group, women attend helpful seminars that are relevant to many areas of employment retention. With the skills she’s learned, June focuses her mind on success and tunes her might into the right frequency to succeed.

Additionally, when she recalls her time with Dress for Success, June is proud to have participated in many programs, events and seminars offered by Dress for Success. For her, the most memorable ones were the career workshop at JPMorgan Chase. Through that program, June was able to gain invaluable interviewing skills as well as employment retention skills.  Right now, she is employed as a Benefit Specialist at Aflac and credits the techniques Dress for Success equipped her with for helping her land the job. Using the skills she learned in the financial seminars, June has excelled at her job, saving the company money and increased revenue by slashing corporate waste.

June seeks to empower those around her at every turn. She gives advice to her friends that she’s learned from the Dress for Success programs and motivates them. All in all, June became more resilient after having come through the doors of Dress for Success. She no longer feels like certain things are out of her reach or that she can’ do them. She welcomes challenges with an open mind and an open heart. With all the growth she’s made, it is clear that June’s success is only beginning.

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