Kate White’s “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know”

For every woman who has ever lived The Devil Wears Prada nightmare of facing icy rejection or moral compromise to get ahead, we hold the roadmap to navigating the sharp curves and steep hills to career success. Writer, editor and boss in every sense of the word, Kate White has been on both sides of the office door and is now sharing her insight in her new book mockingly titled I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know.

Five publications after beginning her career as an editorial assistant at Glamour, Kate ended her run with the magazine industry after 14 years as the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan to focus on her work as an author and public speaker. Armed with sage wisdom, spunk and a refined swagger for navigating one of the most competitive fields for women today, Kate’s expert advice is practical and digestible at any stage of your career. Through some personal anecdotes, intrinsic wit and the occasional celebrity cameo, Kate explains how to get ahead and stay ahead, without losing your head.

Inside, she breaks down the career trajectory into three main parts: “How to Get It,” “How to Go Big,” and “How to Savor It.” Starting at that first interview, Kate is candid when she talks building confidence as a necessary step to progress. In the next chapters, she elevates the conversation, handing it off a few times to fellow power women as she shares secrets to guide  us through career moves like capitalizing on change, flexibility in your work-life, networking and building your own personal board of directors.

Unlike most self-help books that get you through a crisis and take their spot on the back shelf, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This should be open from the time you send your first resume, to your retirement party– where you pass it on to the next gutsy girl. Kate does not just spout tips and wisdom from a pedestal, but rather gives the highlight reel of her journey to the top and how to continually evolve even through comfort and security. Perfecting her delivery through years as an editor, Kate gives us the facts, not only opening the door to the career we’ve always wanted, but also making sure we’re getting what we want from our careers.

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