March: Make History and Celebrate You!

During the month of March, the world pauses to celebrate women.  It celebrates women who have made great strides and who have forever changed the condition of humanity. Be they inventors such as Mary Phelps Jacob, political leaders such as Margaret Thatcher , renowned artists such as Judith Jamison, or business stalwarts such as Muriel Siebert, power women all over the world are remembered and celebrated for at least these 31 days of the year.

At Dress for Success, we celebrate the power of every woman. Women who, much like you, aim to make the most out of their personal histories and set themselves up for a triumphant future.

This month’s blog is a headlined by a woman who is a history maker in her own right. Mikki Taylor, our March Power Woman, has broken through countless barriers as she worked to become one of the foremost authorities on international beauty. And because one power woman can always recognize another, Mikki shares with us how she leveraged her history-making career to unlock her limitless future, which led her to author a book on the ultimate power woman and history maker, First Lady Michelle Obama.

In this month’s issue we’ll also explore ways to make powerful fashion statements at affordable prices with one of Dress for Success’ generous corporate partners, jcp. We’ll also learn ways to manage minimal finances, take control of our career searches, and FASCINATE  the world.

By the time you finish this month’s blog, I hope you’ll realize that the power to make history lies inside of you.  In that spirit, I am proud to salute working and soon-to-be working women everywhere for the history that you are making in your homes and communities every day. I also look forward to seeing the fruit of your labor in the form of a brighter and more success-filled future for us all!

Happy International Women’s History Month, my friends!

Continue making history every day!





Joi Gordon is the CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

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