May Client Spotlight: Pauline

Pauline was our Success Ambassador last year. With the help of Dress or Success, she has cultivated new skills and elevated herself. She has gone through networking and financial literacy seminars that have expanded her views and knowledge and enabled her to think creative with strong belief in her own abilities. It is clear that her rise shows no signs of stopping because with hard work, motivation and the proper tools, the world is her oyster.

Currently, Pauline is a Treasury Analyst at the Warner Music Group, a position she has worked very hard to achieve. In the past year, her roles and responsibilities at her position has expanded to fit her expertise including taking on more responsibilities as a leader. Most recently, Pauline’s role has been expanded not only for American markets, but also to include European business and portfolio management. She has blossomed as a professional in the year that has gone by. Moreover, Pauline actively seeks new challenges in leadership roles and welcomes new opportunities.

Pauline’s life has changed in a multitude of ways since she was first introduced to the women of Dress for Success. The holistic approach of a loving, helpful sisterhood strives to make any and all women feel welcome and empowered no matter where her journey has taken her. This network of  women has been an invaluable asset for Pauline on her path. She has had the pleasure of meeting women from all walks of life with one common mission and that has made all the difference. Pauline’s confidence has risen exponentially as she still continues to participate in some of the Dress for Success groups such as the LeadHership Program in which she works with a mentor who helps to guide her and provide her with invaluable advice. Additionally, Pauline benefits from the program’s monthly seminars as they are filled with guest speakers that offer guidance on a plethora of work ad career development related topics, bringing each woman present one step closer to the ultimate goal: financial independence for women everywhere.

The financial seminars that she has attended through Dress for Success have completely changed her outlook and strategy on personal finance. With the skills she’s learned, she has successfully paid off one credit card and is on her way to paying off a second. Additionally, Pauline prepares for retirement by saving about 10% into her 401K program. For all of the life-changing lessons, guidance and support she received from Dress for Success, Pauline recognizes the importance of mentorship and female solidarity and continues to give back to empower other women the way she was. She continues to do this is by mentoring a woman who is part of Going Places Network, mentoring a young girl who comes from the foster care system and assisting other women in the Dress for Success network. Pauline is touched by their stories and uses that to fuel her work.

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