May: Get Bossy & Define Your Own Success!

At Dress for Success, we refer to our women’s strides towards self-sufficiency as their “Success Journey.” By doing so, we acknowledge each of the steps that it takes—sometimes over smooth, paved paths and sometimes across treacherous, uphill terrains- to transform struggles into success.

Although the journey is not always easy, it is important to us that our women know that they are never on the journey alone. When a woman becomes a member of Dress for Success, she walks into our doors as an individual but she walks out as part of a powerful group.

Women who are still in search of employment may join our Going Places Newtwork by Walmart, a club of job-seeking women that comes together monthly to enhance their job search and interviewing skills. Women who successfully find employment may join our Professional Women’s Group, an association of working women that meets monthly to share and learn new ways to adapt to and thrive in business culture. Finally, for our women who are long term professionals- women who have been employed for a year or longer- we extend membership to our Associate Professional Women’s Group. As these ladies have mastered the workplace, we now help guide them along the path to complete self-sufficiency through financial literacy, debt elimination, and even entrepreneurship programs.

During the month of May, we celebrate the Success Journey through our annual Power Walk for Dress for Success. This first-of-its-kind 5K event, serves as a walking testament to the power that every woman has to achieve self-defined success.

Actor and humanitarian Michael Michele is no stranger to self-defined success.  During her candid Power Woman interview, Michael opens up about overcoming barriers and achieving exactly those things which the world says you can’t do. Her story is inspiring and eye-opening and I hope that it will move you to push beyond the limitations  which others try to set on your life.

A word of caution: Becoming a woman who is living your life your own way may lead you to be called many names- “bossy” may be among them. That is why, this month we’ve selected the hilariously empowering book Bossypants as our Book Shelf recommendation. We also took to the streets to talk to stylish women who are wearing professionalism their way. And because economic independence is the foundation of true independence, finance guru Carmen Wong Ulrich is back with money management advice that will help you keep your financial house in order until your success goals are fulfilled.

The journey to success is not always easy, but if you look at where you are in contrast to where you’ve been ,I’d bet that you can agree that you’ve already come a mighty long way!

Don’t give up!

Keep going, one step at a time.

Success may be closer than you think.

I look forward to seeing you at your success finish line!





Joi Gordon is the CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

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