May: Spring Towards a Better You

It’s May, the weather’s warming up and the sun just seems to be shining a little brighter, doesn’t it?

But with this change of seasons comes a variety of new challenges: Those nice, sunny days can cause what high school kids refer to as “senioritis”—the desire to just blow off your responsibilities for a carefree afternoon, we have to figure out where to store all of our bulky winter-wares, and let’s not forget about that seam-busting BBQ season looming just around the corner!

This month, we have tapped into some really amazing women that we think can help you get your professional—and personal—life in order as Spring comes into full bloom: we detail the journey of one of Oprah’s go-to gals, Gabrielle Bernstein, in this month’s Power Woman column; Robin Arzon gave-up her power suits for spandex and has some epic advice for her younger self; and Lisa Adams from LA Closet Design tells us what we need to know about uncluttering our closets—and our minds.

Check out all of this content—and more—as we step towards summer and our better selves!

Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

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