November Client Spotlight: Tanarsha

Tanarsha grew up with a strong support system. Although they were not wealthy in the financial sense and often struggled, Tanarsha’s family wealth was love and care. After completing her BA in Communications, Tanarsha decided to pursue a Master’s Degree at Columbia University while simultaneously working there as an advisor.

After successfully earning her Master’s degree, Tanarsha took on the role of Resource Area Director for the NYC Administration for Children’s Services, Tanarsha struggled to find her footing in an organization whose culture dictated that the director should be someone who worked there longer than she did. Her subordinates and colleagues were not quick to accept her, nor did they give her the respect her position deserved.

Tanarsha found Dress for Success after the advice of her former employer. As she was starting on a new career path, her supervisor had told her about Dress for Success and the plethora of extensive, all-encompassing programs that could benefit Tanarsha as she was making this important change in her life. After the clash that had caused her relationship with her staff to become strained, she turned to Dress for Success in hopes of working past that hurdle.

During her first suiting experience, Tanarsha was ecstatic about having the personal shopper experience. She felt comfortable in her own skin in her new professional outfit, describing the way she felt “because when I look good, I feel even better”. Being professionally dressed helped Tanarsha feel more confident when going pursuing her professional goals and that has made all the difference.

At a Professional Women’s Group session that Tanarsha had attended, she felt empowered and encouraged. Being a part of the Dress for Success sisterhood helped Tanarsha feel more confident and offered her a supportive environment in which she could thrive. She credits the Financial Education program with educating her about finances and helping her get on the track to financial independence. For Tanarsha, success is the journey, not the destination. She gives back to her community by being an open, engaged supervisor and by mentoring others.

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