November: Handling the Hectic Holidays

As if maintaining some semblance of work-life balance wasn’t hard enough already, now it’s the holidays!  Not only are you obligated to your hours in the office and responsible for fulfilling your role at home, now you have to find time to shop for gifts, make that dish for your lunchtime potluck, catch the little ones in their school holiday play and, wow, the list doesn’t seem to ever end.

Life can definitely get more hectic around the holidays and that’s why we’ve dedicated the November issue of the Dress for Success Blog to help relieving some of this stress.  We’ve included tips from Carmen Rita Wong on how to balance your children’s expectations with your financial obligations, advice on how to look for work during the holidays, a review of Diane Muldrow’s “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book” and so much more!

I hope that we can help you get a handle on the holiday season and just remember—it’s almost over!

 Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

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