October: Treating Yourself to the Career That You Always Wanted

As children, we understood “treats” to mean a bagful of guilt-free candy, but as we got older, the word took on new meaning.  Treats became more than just a simple indulgence, but something that we earned.  They became rewards for a job well done– and what better way to reward that achievement than by treating yourself to the job that you always wanted?

Much like going door-to-door around the neighborhood in search of sugar-filled satisfaction, you must actively search out that perfect professional position for yourself.  Doors will open for you, you just need to know which ones to knock on, when to knock on them and why.  As each door opens, build on that experience to reach the next opportunity.  Finding a career that best suits you is definitely a process, but the journey is what actually makes this treat so sweet.

In this month’s edition of the Dress for Success Blog, we cover everything from defining success in your career to how to balance networking and friendship, all in an effort to help you treat yourself to the career you always wanted!


 Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

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