Ceci Johnson on Building a Luxury Design Empire

Ceci Johnson in office

Once a bride to be has the date of her wedding secured, a significant stage of the wedding planning process is sending out the invitations. That’s where the leader in wedding invitation design: Ceci New York’s team comes in. At Ceci New York, the team specializes in invitation and lifestyle designs for weddings, corporate events, … Read More

The Ingredients for Good Health

Staying fit should be a year-round focus, but now that the sun is out, we seem to be more conscious of how we treat our bodies than when we’re piled under layers of coats and sweaters during the winter months. It’s no secret that being fit is not solely based on your workout regime. Don’t … Read More

How to End the Cycle of Poverty

In 2014, the official overall poverty rate in the United States was at almost 15 percent. For children under the age of 18 years old, that statistic jumped significantly to more than 21 percent—almost a full quarter of our nation’s children. We have heard the phrase “cycle of poverty” repeated for so long at … Read More