September: The Rules of Going Back to School

Knowledge is power and there’s an abundance of lessons to be learned through the experiences that life throws at us.  Regardless if they’re good or bad, we always walk away knowing something about the world, or simply about ourselves, that we didn’t know previously.

And sometimes those real life lessons lead you down a path that you never expected… until you’re taking your first steps back onto that campus and entering that classroom door again.  For some, maybe only a short time has passed, but for others, it might even be decades since finding themselves in an academic setting.

Choosing to continue your education can be a hard decision to make, but the rewards can be immense, both in your professional and personal life.  So for those women who decide to give college the “’ole college try,” this month’s edition of the Dress for Success Blog is dedicated to you.

Regardless if you’re walking down the school hallway or up the steps of an office for a job interview, we hope that what you read here inspires you to continue learning– and striving to always be your best self!

Joi Gordon, CEO of Dress for Success Worldwide

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