Team DFS Marathon Series: Eric Danziger on Determination, Goal Setting and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

For the third year in a row, Dress for Success is an official charity partner of the TCS New York City Marathon 2017. We have secured an array of influential women (and men) on Team DFS to run to empower women to reach economic independence and break the cycle of poverty. Learn what inspires a few of our runners to take on the task of running 26.2 miles (42.195 km) through the five boroughs of New York City for charity.

Eric Danziger is the Cofounder of Genability, a company that provides cost effective solutions to producers and consumers of clean energy, and a seasoned marathon runner. His wife, Allie Danziger is on the committee for Women of Wardrobe, a young professionals group offering a variety of unique sponsorship opportunities in partnership with Dress for Success Houston.

DFS: How does the work that the Women of Wardrobe do at Dress for Success Houston, inspire you?

ED: Women of Wardrobe and Dress for Success remind me the importance of preparation. Whether it’s getting ready for a big presentation at work or training for a marathon race, it is all about getting started and getting that momentum going.  I think for many people, finding the career and job they want is about the confidence that they can get it.  By providing the foundation and tools to be prepared for that interview and job, Dress for Success is that push a lot of people need.  It’s very similar to training for a marathon.  Once you get the momentum and training going, it’s a piece of cake.

DFS: What motivates you to keep running marathons?

ED: The free banana at the end of each marathon! Just kidding.  I love the thrill of crossing the finish line and accomplishing a goal.  Running for me is more than just physical activity.  I find running to be therapeutic and a terrific way to find some calmness to a day. Whenever I am stressed or need to clear my head, a good run always solves it.

DFS: The TCS New York City Marathon will be the 15th marathon you will be running, that is amazing! With all the races you have run and all the ways you and your wife have given back to your community, what sort of legacy do you hope to leave behind for future generations?

ED: Determination, goal setting, community and a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is running a marathon, starting a company or whatever it may be, you just have to give it a shot and at least try. Allie and I have always been “do-ers”.  While we do talk a lot too, we have never been afraid to jump right into something and give it a shot.  I think if you believe failure is not an option, then you’ll adapt and figure out ways to make it work.  Allie and I would rather be remembered for being the hardest working than the smartest.  I also think it’s important to give back to your community.  People sometimes think they are too busy.  If you make volunteering a priority, there is always time.  The same goes for being active and exercising.  Finding time to lead a healthy lifestyle pays dividends!

DFS: What is the first meal you’re looking forward to eat after the marathon?

ED: I am a creature of habit. After every race I usually eat a huge omelette – sometimes two.  I know it’s not the most exciting thing but I start thinking about that omelette and the home fries around mile 18!

DFS: What has been your proudest moment along your running journey?

ED: My very 1st marathon in July 2012 in San Francisco is the one I remember the most and remember being overcome with emotion as I rounded the corner to the finish line. It was by no means my fastest race but it was the one I was most nervous for. I trained for months and even did 2 practice runs on the actual course a few weeks leading up to it.  When I rounded the corner on Embarcadero and saw the finish line, I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I am actually going to finish this thing!”  Running the NYC Marathon this November will be towards the top of the list. I have had the NYC race on my bucket list for several years and I am thrilled to do it while also supporting such a great cause.

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