Team DFS Marathon Series: Susan Bowen on Why Finding a Worthy Cause is Just the Beginning

For the third year in a row, Dress for Success is an official charity partner of the TCS New York City Marathon 2017. We have secured an array of influential women (and men) on Team DFS to run to empower women to reach economic independence and break the cycle of poverty. Learn what inspires a few of our runners to take on the task of running 26.2 miles (42.195 km) through the five boroughs of New York City for charity.

Susan Bowen is a 2 time marathon participant on her way to being a 4 time marathon participant by the end of April 2018; she is General Attorney at Hughes Nicholls & O’Hara Attorneys at Law; and serves her community by sitting on the Board for Dress for Success Lackawanna. Read about why she’s taking no breaks any time soon!

DFS: What motivates you to run? Is this your first marathon? If not, what number does this one make?

SB: My motivation for running is simple. Running keeps me healthy, both physically and mentally. The NYC marathon will be my third marathon. I participated in the Steamtown Marathon, held in my hometown of Scranton, PA for my first two marathons, which is making my participation in the NYC Marathon that much more unique and exciting.

DFS: Which part of your training are you excited to stop doing once this is all over?

SB: Unfortunately, I won’t be scaling back that much on my running as I am running the Scranton Half in April and would like to keep up with my weekly mileage.

DFS: What does success and women’s empowerment mean to you?

SB: I think Success and Empowerment change over time in how you regard them. A year ago, I may have said that success and empowerment are when women are paid equally for the same job. Today, with the political climate, I would say that success and empowerment may come from getting involved in your communities and having a say as to what happens in politics. Being informed is power.

DFS: Tell us a little bit about what brought you to the Dress for Success Lackawanna team?

SB: I have been a board member of the Lackawanna affiliate for 6 years now and when the email went out to affiliates looking for runners, I jumped on it. I have always wanted to run the NYC marathon and to do it and raise money for an organization that I am already highly invested in was a bonus!

DFS: Which of the many programs DFS Lackawanna offers its clients inspires you the most?

SB: The program that inspires me the most is the one we are most known for and that is the suitings. As an attorney, I know how important it is to walk into a meeting or the courtroom and be confident inside and out. You can honestly transform someone by putting them in an outfit that makes them feel confident.

DFS: What would you like to say to your colleagues, friends, and loved ones who have supported you and donated to your fundraiser thus far?

SB: To everyone who has supported me so far, I would say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has financially donated. Thank you to everyone who sold and bought candy bars for a fundraiser. Thank you to my husband for cleaning the house when I am out on my long runs!

DFS: How do you hope completing the 2017 NYC Marathon for Dress for Success, will inspire your clients and community?

SB: I hope other people see me raising money for an organization that is close to my heart and get inspired to either get involved with Dress for Success or find their own charity that they want to actively support. There are so many wonderful charities and worthwhile causes that people can get involved with, but they have to take that first step!


Support Susan and her race to the finish line on November 5th in NYC! Donate now at 

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