The Success Diaries: Gina Bianchini

Dear Pre-Launch Gina,

Gina, take a deep breath.

You have woken up at 4 am every morning in terror, consumed by all of the things that could go wrong. However, after a few minutes facing your greatest fears, you slowly wake up and remember, ah, yes, this part sucks.

Like you do every other morning, you choose to power through and, by the time the sun is up, your excitement and curiosity about Mightybell – and the need for a beautiful collaboration space for friends, families and colleagues – outweighs your fear.

You jump out of bed excited to tackle the list of things you are going to do today. You know that you do your best work when you focus on the things within your control. Defining success externally has only ever gotten you into trouble.

You want to put Mightybell out quietly and hope that people discover it and like it. Then you realize that is a really terrible plan. The world doesn’t work that way. Even the most amazing products in the world – take the iPhone and the iPad as examples – benefited from a strong advocate.

You are going to have to do the same for Mightybell.

Creating the product is the easy part. When you are creating, you get to live in the happy fantasy that everyone will get it and love it immediately. I have never known anyone who prior to launch believes anything other than they have a massive hit on their hands.

You aren’t yet at the hard part of putting it out there, selling it and hearing people tell you they don’t need it, they are busy or they don’t get it. That part is always harder than you think it would be.

Yet, you will make it through that part as well. That is where you distinguish yourself from the pack.

Resilience. You have it. With it comes a commitment to never, ever giving up. You will fight through the pain and keep going. Resilience was always there but choosing sports and choosing to make a strong effort in school helped prepare you for this moment. Choosing the harder paths when you had a choice made it easier to weather the storms outside of your control– like Dad dying suddenly in a car accident when you were 11.

Sometimes, the will to keep going will be enough. Other times, staring failure in the face and choosing to keep moving forward despite the risks will make the difference. At this point, you have quite a portfolio of techniques to move past the fear to optimism, excitement, and the possibilities that come with each new product, feature and conversation about Mightybell.

It isn’t always easy. In fact, it rarely is. But the confidence that comes with choosing to break past the fear and do it anyways is priceless.

Keep going.


Launched and Running Gina



As the co-founder and former CEO of Ning,  Gina Bianchini has been a leader and innovator in social media for nearly a decade. Today, Gina serves as the founder and CEO of Mightybell, the online community where you can create groups with friends around what interests you. 

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