The Success Diaries: Monique Griffin

Dear Younger Monique Griffin,

You are built for this journey. You have always sparkled. You are beautiful, inspiring, intelligent, articulate and a wise businesswoman. You have always had, and will continue to have, the love and power of God on your side. I know you would like to take safe roads when it comes to your career. You do well in school always. For you, going to college will be easy, and getting awesome grades will be even easier. But you are going to own your own business, and sparkling will be an everyday occurrence for you.

You will see the world, and not just from the view of a desk in a cubicle.  Your latter days will be much better than your former ones, my dear, so be strong and don’t settle. Don’t settle for that job of handling complaints just because it is a safe job with a steady paycheck. You were born to sparkle, Sweetie. No one in your lineage stepped outside of the box to own and run his or her own business, but you will. You have so much to offer women who want to regain their financial freedom, their voice, and their respect as a female business owner. You will travel the road less travelled, and so it will be lonely sometimes. Not everyone will understand you and some will be jealous because they think you have it easy. But don’t give up. You will encourage others to chase their own dreams, too. You are inspiring, Monique.

A big part of your success will be sticking to what works best for you. Just because someone else was in business for two months and they climbed the ladder quickly, doesn’t mean you will have that same story to tell. Remember, you are built for a journey, but it is your journey you are built for — not anyone else’s. Never compare yourself to anyone else, for in doing so you ultimately lose. Do your own research. Read books about your craft. Talk with other women in businesses who have succeeded before you. Ask them questions and assign yourself a wise mentor.

Yes, oh yes, there will be days when you want to throw in the towel. Let me tell you … Days when you look in the mirror and think, “Who in the heck am I kidding? CEO of what?” It won’t be easy.

One of your biggest obstacles is fear! Fear of failure. Fear of being alone. Some will call you crazy to leave that “good day job” to play in jewelry. Who will hold a party with you at a time when people are holding onto their pennies? But girlfriend, there is joy in your journey. Great joy. Have your moment, but don’t let that moment take over your life and dim your sparkle. Keep pursuing your dream.

Go back to your “why.” Why did you want to own your own business? Why lia sophia jewelry? Because it will bring you joy. Because it is a part of your mission and purpose on this journey. Remember that feeling you felt when mom and grand mom had people coming over for a party. Remember you ran into the kitchen to prepare something, anything, a small sandwich to serve, because when people gathered together for a party, it was your moment to serve and shine. You love people, and better yet, you love a party with a purpose. It makes you sparkle ever so brightly. Dim out the voices that tell you that you can’t.

You will have to push through the valleys to get to the mountaintops. Yes, you will have to pick yourself up, not once, but three times after cancer touches your body — but you will. God will place a strong support system in your corner with family and loved ones to help you get back up! And those cloudy days of cancer and recovery will be a stepping-stone that God uses to draw you out of being comfortable and stagnant with life. It will force you to find that mission and purpose in your life and journey. It will cause you to be fearless in trying something new and owning your own business with lia sophia jewelry.

You will absolutely love and feel passionate about your business every day. Got to love how God opens a window and whispers a word … a dream … and then shows you how to go for it … beautiful jewelry with a purpose. Women gathered together in one place to share, laugh, hug and play in jewelry. A company that gives back to its community and women everyday, and you can be a part of it. You, too, will make a difference in women’s lives with jewelry.

You will find that it is not always about you. You are a life changer. It is an awesome feeling to be in a crowded room of women sharing the love of jewelry and adding a little sparkle to their lives! The things that women will share with you at those parties or coffee dates, or when they join the company, are priceless. You will change their lives. You will give them hope that they, too, can do it — own their own businesses. They can be a success. Their children will rise up and call them blessed.

You can give that to others. It is a gift, a present waiting to be opened, and in your hand, so give it out! Women are waiting to get it, share it and receive it. lia sophia jewelry … oh, what a journey it will be, Sweetie.

Lastly, yes, you will make mistakes along the way. Learning how to run a business from a financial standpoint and being profitable takes time and effort, and mistakes will come. It is okay. Learn from them. Just remember:


  • The power of the spoken word is huge. Always speak positive, especially to yourself.
  • If you never ask, the answer will always be NO!
  • Put money away every payday and save not just for a rainy day, but for sunny days, too.
  • Excitement is contagious. Share your smile.
  • Be quick to listen to words of wisdom. It will save your life.
  • When you love what you do, you never have to work another day in your life.

Stay the course, for you were built for this journey of joy.  See ya at the top with lia sophia jewelry!



Monique Griffin isDivision Leader with lia sophia jewelry in Waxhaw, NC.  She has    been an advisor with the company for over five years.

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