The Success Diaries: Tyra Berger

Dear Younger Mrs. Tyra Berger,

You finally did it! You found what you love to do! For so long you watched others find their niche, excel at things they loved, and you asked yourself: What am I good at? Why don’t I have a career or hobby that I LOVE?

Well, you found it.

Wedding and event coordinating first appeared to you as someone else’s dream, and as they were reluctant to jump in and try it, you encouraged them to follow their dream, and offered that you would help them. You both jumped in and gave it a whirl, coordinating one wedding or event after the next. While your business partner realized it wasn’t for her, you quickly realized that you were in love with every aspect of helping others plan for one of the most important days of their lives, their wedding day.

Tyra, you have turned Divine Possibilities into an increasingly evolving wedding and event coordinating business. You realized that all of the years at your 9-5 were preparing you for the organization and detail-oriented skills you would need to be successful at your new-found love.

It hasn’t all been easy. There have been many moments when you have thought this wouldn’t work out, but you have so many people on your side who are encouraging you to push forward and do what you love, that you almost have no choice but to continue to do what makes you happy.

As you continue growing your business, stay focused, stay informed and remain on top of your game. Know that you have finally found your niche and that realization along with your determined entrepreneurial spirit, you will continue to excel and be successful.

Keep on keepin’ on!!


Today’s Thriving Mrs. Tyra Berger

Tyra Berger is the owner and trained professional wedding and event coordinator of Divine Possibilities, LLC.  Since 2005, Tyra and her staff have provided quality work and unparalleled service while working with budgets of all sizes.  Tyra has over six years experience coordinating weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and many other events with extreme organization and detail. Tyra provides personal service and welcomes the opportunity to coordinate your event!

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