Tone Your Beauty Routine!

The days are becoming shorter, but somehow your sleep patterns are not getting any longer and by the time you finish at the office, make dinner, shower and pack lunch for the next day, it’s already later than you realized! If the winter is wearing your skin out, instead of simply piling on the make-up to cover up, try applying toner after washing your face for a refreshing addition to your beauty routine.

Once a part of most women’s make-up routines, toner has fallen by the wayside, but this Fall we are calling for a revival of the forgotten exfoliate. Toner can be applied to the face after cleansing and helps to remove excess oil and dead skin—not to mention that it also helps to shrink your pores and can even help prevent ingrown hairs. When you’re over-tired, your face may appear drawn and pale; toner improves the overall appearance of your skin’s tone, giving you an energized glow.

At work, this is especially important as your physical presentation actually influences whether or not people perceive you as qualified. If you walk out the door looking tired and disheveled, you may attract a few odd looks, but you may also be passed over for job opportunities.  Subconsciously, when you walk into a room, potential employers will immediately evaluate you on your “warmth” and “competence,” whether they will like you and/or respect you, simply based on your appearance.

If you look dazed and like your skin has seen better days, it could be misconstrued for incompetence and you could find yourself overlooked for that new position or the next promotion.  This is especially true if your job requires you to interact with the public. Here, your presence is reflective of the company as a whole and will play a large part in influencing clients’ or patrons’ opinions of your business and its credibility.

Simply adding a little toner to your morning beauty routine during the week is an easy way to give yourself a refreshed look and a quick boost of confidence. Finish with a little brightening moisturizer on top for a polished glow that will leave your skin and your body feeling hydrated and more awake.

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