Unclutter Your Closet and Your Mind!

By Lisa Adams, Founder of LA Closet

We all know how much better we feel when the home is clean or the desk is organized. Psychologically, it makes us feel that things are under control. Well, that feeling naturally extends to the closet. A messy closet influences what our clothes look like, how long it takes to get dressed, what we actually wear and how stressed we are getting out the door in the morning. That’s a big deal! So why not take on a spring cleaning project and get into the closet and out from under the clutter.

As a closet designer I have five top tips that I recommend – and that I live by – to keep your closet and clothing organized, and mornings running smoothly.

  • Edit, edit, edit. Even if you don’t own a lot, it is likely that you only wear half of what you have. Start by taking everything out of the closet and organizing it into piles. Then really consider each piece. Does it actually fit you? Does it flatter your figure? Is it in great shape or is there a stain or tear?  Does it meet your professional needs or at least your off-hours needs? If it doesn’t work/fit/look good – let it go. If it will work for someone else, pay it forward to Dress for Success. If it is not in good shape, just toss it.  Same goes for shoes and bags and belts. If they are in good shape, give them a good polish and get them ready for a fresh start, too.
  • Clean away the cobwebs. While the closet is empty, get in there and dust it out, wipe it down and start from scratch with a clean palate. Maybe even a fresh coat of paint if you have time.
  • Organize. As you begin putting things back into the closet, organize your clothing by work life and play life. Then within each area, keep shirts together, pants together, dresses, etc. Then line up your bags on a shelf or in a drawer and keep those shoes within easy reach. Make it easy to find what you need. Studies have found that we only wear what is visible to the eye. If it’s buried, it’s gone.
  • Plan ahead. Each evening give yourself a head start to an organized day. Figure out what you are going to wear the next morning and hang it up together. Iron if necessary – the last thing you need to do in a busy morning is get out the ironing board!
  • Maintain. When you get home in the evening, I know it is so tempting to toss your clothes on the bed/chair/floor. But it takes less than a minute to put things back where they belong. Putting them back away keeps your room clean, the clothes in better  shape and means you don’t have an overwhelming pile come Friday – when really all you should do it relax. You’ve earned it!

Lisa Adams is the founder of LA Closet, where her mission is to create wardrobe and storage spaces that are balanced functionally and aesthetically. As a designer, she sees the potential in this under-utilized, and often out of control space to add value to your home and to calm the chaos of everyday life.   Find out more about Lisa on LA Closet Design.

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