Volunteer Spotlight: Melanie Rush

Meet Melanie Rush , Internship Counselor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC , who has been a Dress for Success Worldwide Volunteer for five years.

DFS: What drew you to Dress for Success and why did you want to be part of the organization?

MR: Dress for Success means the chance to help women get back on their feet after a setback. I get to share my knowledge of resume writing, interviewing skills, confidence building and helping the women look amazing for their interview. I wanted to be a part of Dress for Success to help women.

DFS: Can you describe the specific volunteer work you do at DFS?

MR: The volunteer work I do: help them find a suit and accessories for an interview; employment outfits once they find a job; review resume writing and conduct a mock interview with them helping them to understand the important points to emphasize in an interview to bring their best self forward.

DFS: Tell us a story of a client you served that stands out in your mind and that you are especially proud of? How did she impact you?

MR: The young mothers who have so much to juggle do stand out.  They’re so grateful for child-rearing tips as well as clothing and interview advice.  

DFS: Describe some of the feelings you have when you are working with a client and seeing that transformation first hand.

MR: The feelings range from awe that they are so courageous to tackle all they do…to gratitude that I am in a position to help them.

DFS: What is the best part of being associated with DFS?

MR: The best part, again, is being to help women get back on their feet and begin a new life.

DFS: How has Dress for Success impacted your life?

MR: I feel DFS has impacted my life in that I’m more empathetic and eager to help strangers who I may never see again.

DFS: Do you feel you are making an impact by volunteering at DFS? How?

MR: I do feel I’m making an impact by volunteering because my experience and knowledge and advice are all combined to give our clients confidence in many ways.

DFS: What is your best advice to give to other volunteers?

MR: My best advice:  be friendly — smile — ask them questions about their skills — hopes — aspirations. Help them feel at ease.  Many don’t know what to expect when they come in to the shop and can be a bit nervous and shy.

Click here to learn more about how you can become a volunteer at Dress for Success Worldwide. 


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