Welcome to the brand new Dress for Success blog!

When I decided to develop this site, I wanted to create a Web destination for everyday women that serves as an extension of the support and encouragement that Dress for Success gives to its clients around the world. While we’re widely known as the organization that provides suits to disadvantaged women, the truth is that we provide our women with much more than just a suit—we give them the tools and resources they need to get a job, keep that job and obtain financial independence.

Through this blog, we are now able to share this information with all women in transition, even those who are not clients of Dress for Success.

Having led Dress for Success for 15 years, I know first-hand that attempting to enter, and in many cases, re-enter today’s workforce can be harrowing for any woman, for with unemployment comes financial stress, emotional angst and impending personal crises.

Despite these hardships, we at Dress for Success believe that “Every woman has the POWER to be a SUCCESS story.” This is a truth that we have seen actualized time and time again in awe-inspiring ways.

So as our economy meanders and the job market swings, we knew that the time had come to bring the resources of Dress for Success beyond the walls of our boutiques and make the expert information that we so readily provide to our clients, available to all women in transition all around the world.

Whether you were recently laid off, have been unemployed for years, graduated college into an unwelcoming job market, are looking to transition from welfare to work, or are simply trying to take your career to the next level, you have come to the right place.

Here, you will find access to the best of Dress for Success—invaluable information from our career and lifestyle experts on array of topics including career management, personal finance, health and wellness, and, of course, business style and beauty.

We will also share inspirational profiles of power women who have found triumph through their transitions, and encouragement from real women, just like you, who put their best faces forward and achieved self-defined success.

I welcome you to the inaugural publication of our first ever Dress for Success blog. The articles and posts here were written to inform and inspire you– the woman on the move.

I know, no matter your current employment status, that you’re Going Places. This blog was created to help keep you Going Strong.


  1. What a wonderful gift to women who struggle to eke out a living. Women endure all kinds of hardship, yet we put our best face forward to march ahead. Thank you for the camaraderie, encouragement and understanding to motivate us to stay on track and not lose hope.

  2. Women are nothing short of remarkable. The fabric which make up each woman are much like an intricate quilt highlighted with multifaceted diamonds, some are rough and some polished. Quilts are crafted by loving hands, and coal becomes a diamond under pressure proving to be one of the hardest minerals known to man. Such are women hand crafted by the loving hands of God to withstand and Stand Up under pressure. These are the Women of Dress For Success.

  3. The new blog looks great and very easy to navigate! I look forward to future updates and hope this step into the ‘blogosphere’ enables the organization to reach more supporters and clients!

  4. One year ago today, I was a client of Dress for Success River Cities located in Huntington, WV. Today I am gainfully employed with Dress for Success and started my own business making Spoon Jewelry, Thank you so very much for the hand up. With out this very supportive Sister Hood I probably would not be where I am today.

  5. Hello,

    I love reading your blogs and your website is very inspiring. My question to you is I’ve noticed that the department stores doesn’t offer a lot of choices when it comes to a power suit for the mature women. Most of the blazers are at waist length (not everyone can wear that) I’ve shopped from Macys, brooks brothers, Saks, Nordstrom etc…
    Would you have any recommendations???


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