What Are Some Great Jobs for Your Personality Type?

Is there a way that your personality can determine your dream job for you? The folks at CollegeMatchUp.net seem to think so. These crafty creatives have brought the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to life with the below infographic.

And if you’re thinking to yourself “the Myers-Brigss WHAT?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you! The MBTI was created by a mother-daughter team some years ago to make the theory of psychological types understandable and useful in people’s lives, the key word being “useful.” Once you’ve determined your personality type, you can apply that to job industries where those characteristics might be most fitting. So if you’re an admin assistant that secretly yearns to be a nurse, there may be more method to that madness than you think!

Find out what your personality type is here and then see what careers CollegeMatchUp.net thinks might be best for you:

The Best Jobs for your Personality Type
Source: CollegeMatchup.net

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