4 Strategies for Writing a Successful Letter of Interest

Guest Post by Grace Carter

While you are searching for a job, you will likely come across companies you would like to work for, but which do not have an opening appropriate for you currently. You can still get your foot in the door in these situations, by expressing your desire to meet and discuss future opportunities, by submitting a letter of interest. You can submit one of these letters by email, LinkedIn’s message system, or even paper mail. To write a successful letter of interest you must research the company, discuss your value and strengths, use the proper structure, and use writing and editing tools to make sure it is high quality.


Research the company

The internet has made researching your prospective employer much easier. Check out the job description, the company’s website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn page. You’ll find information about their products and services, the company’s history, and their leadership. More importantly, you will discover what kind of people they hire, so you can make yourself as close to that type as possible. Look for “a day in the life” type of videos, where employees talk about what it is like to work for the company. You should also be able to discern a bit about the qualities these employees bring to the position and the company. You can also look at the profiles on the company’s LinkedIn page to see what kind of experience and skills the employees have. “Get a good sense of their brand’s style. Are they fun, or more conservative and serious? All this information can be used to make yourself as close as possible to the company’s ideal candidate,” advises Ellen Blankenship, HR manager at PaperFellows.


Your value and strengths

Remember that a letter of interest is quite different from a cover letter. Rather than focusing on skills for a specific position, you are attempting to demonstrate that you have a variety of skills and attributes that would make you suitable for a number of different areas. Based on the research you’ve done, think of what skills you have that would make you a good asset for the company. Your goal is not to make a list of what you are good at, but what you can do for the company. It’s about showing your excitement and enthusiasm for their organization.


Your letter’s structure

Start off your letter with a compelling statement about your interest in the organization or industry. Have a professional greeting, if you have a contact at the company, address it to him or her personally. Your first paragraph should mention two to four assets you possess that will help you contribute to the company. In the next paragraph you will provide concrete examples of times when you have used these assets to succeed in past positions. These could be past jobs, volunteer positions, or academic assignments. In your final paragraph you should communicate a strong interest in meeting with the employer to discuss future opportunities. Consider mentioning that you would still be interested in meeting even if there were no current openings at the organization at that time. Don’t forget to include your contact information in your email signature, including email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile URL.

Use online tools for writing help

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone, so don’t be afraid to get some help from the professionals. Here are some good online resources to get you started:

#1. ViaWriting and MyWritingWay – These are grammar resources you can use to check over your letter of interest before submitting it. Grammar errors on your letter will hurt your chances of getting a response.

#2. Write My Paper and UKWritings – These are proofreading tools, recommended in UK Writings review, you can use to make sure your letter is polished and free of errors.

#3. WritingPopulist and State of Writing – These are writing guides you can use to assist you in writing your letter. Even experienced writers can benefit from some help now and then.

#4. Essayroo and Academized – These are online editing tools, suggested by SimpleGrad in Academized review, you can access to make sure your letter flows well and doesn’t have mistakes. Don’t take any chances with your letter, get some professional assistance.

#5. Academadvisor and LetsGoandLearn – Check out these career writing communities for ideas and advice on how to improve your letter of interest. You’ll find ideas from people who have been in the same situation.



You can make a good impression and make contacts at a company even if they are not currently hiring for a position you’re suited for. A letter of interest is your way of communicating both that you are enthusiastic about the organization, and that you can bring value to the company. A successful letter of interest will involve you researching the company, highlighting your values and strengths, following the proper structure, and getting online help with writing and editing.

Grace Carter is a writer at OXEssays and Big Assignments services. Also, she is a business consultant who helps write a resume, get through an interview and land a dream job. Grace tutors students at Write My Essay educational portal.


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