The Success Diaries: Nancy Martin-Belitz

Dear Young Nancy,

Oh My….How exciting, to have your life and career dreams ahead of you!  Please never underestimate yourself.  Chase every dream, knowing that dream is never out of the question and always attainable.  With unwavering tenacity and perseverance, you can achieve any career goal that you set your mind to.

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The Success Diaries: Ceci Johnson

Dear Ceci Johnson, “The Big Dreamer,”

As you fantasize about what it would be like to start your own business and dream about what that path would possibly look like if you became your own boss, allow me to help shed some light on what that big unknown could be like for you. While everyone’s … Read More

The Success Diaries: Tyra Berger

Dear Younger Mrs. Tyra Berger,

You finally did it! You found what you love to do! For so long you watched others find their niche, excel at things they loved, and you asked yourself: What am I good at? Why don’t I have a career or hobby that I LOVE?

Well, you found it.

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The Success Diaries: Gina Bianchini

Dear Pre-Launch Gina,

Gina, take a deep breath.

You have woken up at 4 am every morning in terror, consumed by all of the things that could go wrong. However, after a few minutes facing your greatest fears, you slowly wake up and remember, ah, yes, this part sucks.

Like you do every other morning,

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