Corporate Sponsor Spotlight: Walmart

Meet Lisa Schimmelpfenning, VP of Import/Export Administration & Compliance at Walmart Stores Inc. and Dress for Success Worldwide Board Member. Lisa shares with Dress for Success tips on what makes a great leader, her personal and professional accomplishments, and why empowering women is important.

DFS: Talk to us about your path to Vice President of Import/Export Administration & Compliance? Were there any major roadblocks you had to overcome?

There are always bumps in the road of life. I didn’t have any grand plans but I did know that I wanted to strive for more. I wasn’t sure what exactly “more” was but I was driven to want to take on more responsibility.

DFS: What professional and/or personal accomplishments are you most proud of and why?

Professionally, I am very proud of the program we have built at Walmart and proud of the people who have grown their careers by having spent time in imports/exports.  Personally, I am proud of being a working mom of 5, now a grandmother to 6.5. I hope I have been a resource to some along the way.

DFS: What does success mean to you? 

Success at work means developing good programs for the company and developing people to grow in their careers. Success at home means I am able to provide for myself and my family and being a good citizen of my community. Similarly, it means the same for my children.  I provided them with an environment to learn & grow into responsible adults that are able to support themselves in an area they are passionate about and are good people in our community.

DFS: Why do you continuously choose Dress for Success Worldwide to support? 

I continue to be inspired by the women served by Dress for Success and how it has helped them improve their lives at home, at work or in their communities. I am inspired as well by the volunteers at all levels of the organization in local chapters or the worldwide board. There are so many people who are committed to making lives better for women.

DFS: Why is promoting women’s empowerment and giving back especially to women so important to you?   

It is important to me because I am a woman, I have 4 daughters & 3 granddaughters. I have been blessed both personally & professionally. I feel it is my responsibility to pass some of that on to others by taking whatever experience I have to offer that may help someone else.

DFS: How are you opening doors for women at Walmart?

I am active in both formal & informal programs at Walmart supporting women at all levels of the organization.

DFS: What are some qualities that make a good leader? What is the best leadership advice you’ve ever been given?

Qualities that make a good leader are being a good listener, having good communication skills, honesty, humility and vision. Do what you say you will do and build a good reputation for your work product.  Give back to others and your community. Be true to yourself, trust your instincts, keep a sense of humor, find something you are passionate about and find a way to make that into a career that allows you to take care of yourself & your family.

DFS: What’s one piece of advice you wish you could tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger-self to enjoy the journey and to not take yourself too seriously.

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