Diane Muldrow’s “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book”

As an adolescent (or even as an adult!) you may have spent hours and hours pouring textbooks that offer little to no answers for the real world of your everyday life. This was Diane Muldrow’s thinking behind Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book.  If you were one of the two billion readers who learned the importance of hard work and honesty from The Pokey Little Puppy or The Little Red Hen, you were a Little Golden Books kid.

A children’s series launched after World War II, Little Golden Books has offered up life’s lessons through short stories and lovable characters for more than 70 years. As editorial director of the LGB series, Diane created a montage of vintage illustrations from 61 stories and paired them with some classic proverbs and modern advice to remind us how to live simply with contentment.

As part of an officially “plugged in” society, many of us now update our Facebook profile more often than our resumes.  We are inundated, daily, with information and media from all over the world. With this in mind, Diane prefaces her book, suggesting society’s overindulgence, and disregard for its consequences, calls for a return to the basics. Her advice touches on health, happiness, finances and relationships, playing on our nostalgia in an artful and innocent way that allows us to relearn, as adults, what’s really important in life.

Everything I Need to Know forms its own unique genre. Not directly fitting in any category, it’s a self-help anthology that echoes the legacy of the Little Golden Books, reminding us sometimes revisiting the past helps us to move forward with the future. Diane’s short prose offers much needed bedtime solace for adults, proving that life’s best advice can also be the simplest. Much like its genus series, Everything I Need to Know is a nightstand classic, meant to be passed up, down and around all generations.

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