Get To Know Christina Florencio of Dress for Success Vancouver

For Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the empowering women that work at our affiliate locations all around the world. These ladies are making an impact in someone’s life every single day and we thank them for their commitment to the organization. Throughout the month of March we will be featuring the women who are truly making a difference at their affiliate locations. International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month is all about recognizing the achievements of women and we plan on celebrating every day. Women helping women is what Dress for Success is all about and we see that power of women coming together impact a number of lives. We asked 12 women from 12 different countries about International Women’s Day and what motivates them to continue to do what they do for Dress for Success. Come back to our blog every day through March to get to know the ladies that make it all happen behind the scenes. First up is, Christina Florencio the Marketing Manager at Dress for Success Vancouver.

Christina Florencio, Marketing Manager at Dress for Success Vancouver

Dress for Success: How many years have you been with Dress for Success? 
Christina Florencio:
Since 2009

DFS: The theme for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. What bold action did you take to make a change or a difference?
CF: Recently, I’ve made a commitment to up-cycle my wardrobe by only purchasing through our “Shop For a Cause Sale,” consignment stores and ethical fashion stores. It’s important for me to minimize the impact of apparel into the landfill and to support local retailers who are socially conscious about fashion.

DFS: Can you describe a moment when you helped someone at Dress for Success that moved you during your time at the organization?
CF: I’ve been privileged to help women write their stories of struggles and accomplishments and work with them to share their stories to our supporters. I’m constantly humbled by their vulnerability and commitment to share openly because they have been inspired by our cause.

DFS: Who do you thank or recognize this Women’s History Month that have helped make the advancement of all women possible?
Our Executive Director at Dress for Success Vancouver, Jennifer Halinda, our staff, volunteers and our incredible board members who are all working together to make a positive change for women.

DFS: What motivates you to continue your work at Dress for Success?
Our clients. They come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and circumstances but they find themselves in one common place, at the Dress for Success boutique. Having the opportunity to witness a positive change in a woman’s life happens on a daily basis at our office. I feel grateful to experience this in a career. It fills my cup everyday.

Christina assisting Dress for Success Vancouver client at their boutique. 

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