Karen Amster-Young and Pam Godwin’s “The 52 Weeks”

How many times have your weekdays blended together? Going to work on Monday and coming home to the same leftovers for dinner by Thursday. Most of us slip into routines unconsciously.  It’s completely natural. We are creatures of habit. Our cup of coffee and the morning paper after a hot shower is comfortable, familiar and we like it. But when does a routine become a rut?

Karen Amster-Young and Pam Godwin asked each other these same questions over drinks one night. Two New York City women, settling into their 40’s, accomplished what most consider the “American Dream,” contentment with their families, careers and home lives. But Karen and Pam still found themselves in a “state of stuck.” To break free, they challenged each other to try something new each week for a year and write about their experiences in a blog.

Their experiment took off and they began to receive phone calls from reporters and letters from followers who wanted to know more. Already overwhelming their small blog, Karen and Pam knew they has so much more to share and decided to turn their experiences into a book.

The 52 Weeks details a journey of simultaneous self-discovery and camaraderie, acknowledging it’s important to challenge yourself, but also necessary to have a friend in the cockpit for reassurance, accountability and the occasional extra push.  Navigating through the twos’ adventures the book details everything from incorporating blueberries into a healthy diet to racing Maseratis. Reading in a similar style to its original blog format, The 52 Weeks alternates between Karen and Pam’s voice, sharing their experiences and recapping each chapter with advice from experts and easy-to-follow tips for readers. Spliced throughout, are inspirational quotes including everyone from Dr. Seuss to Carrie Bradshaw.

The 52 Weeks challenges readers to always push boundaries, proving that no matter how small, change can renew spirit and keep you growing and learning at any stage in life! So if you’re looking for a little inspiration to recharge your motivation, this is definitely the book for you!

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