The Ingredients for Good Health

Staying fit should be a year-round focus, but now that the sun is out, we seem to be more conscious of how we treat our bodies than when we’re piled under layers of coats and sweaters during the winter months. It’s no secret that being fit is not solely based on your workout regime. Don’t cancel your gym plans anytime soon, but taking care of yourself has just as much to do with what you put into your body as what you do with your workout—possibly even more so! So what do we suggest to keep on track? We’ve discovered that embracing a love for seafood will change your life! It’s been proven that a significant way to stay healthy is by adding more fish to your diet – more specifically, the right type of fish.

Here are five of the most important benefits of adding fish to your meals:

  1. Its heart healthy: Research has found that eating fish high in omega-3s can slash blood fat levels, which can contribute to a lower heart-disease risk.

A Danish study of 49,000 women that was published in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association found that women who ate little to no fish had fifty-percent more heart          problems than those who ate fish at least once per week.

  1. Vitamins: Fish provides essential vitamins. Saltwater fish is said to be a source of vitamin D which helps to ward off diseases and promote healthy bones. A three ounce serving of salmon contains seventy-five percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin.
  1. Brain food: If you find yourself feeling a little out of the loop in your work and personal lives, adding fish to your meal could work magic. The EFA omega-3 found in salmon and other nutrient-rich fish contribute to brain development.
  1. Give your skin a glow: If you want your skin to exude a beautiful glow, you don’t need to apply more foundation. Fish contains omega-3s that helps keep the skin nourished.
  1. It makes you happy: Studies have shown that people who eat fish are less likely to become depressed because of the Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Not all Fish are Created Equal

Yes, there are numerous benefits to consuming fish. However, the positive outcomes are dependent on the types of fish you add to your meals. Below, are a few of the best types of fish for your health.

Sardines: Those tiny pieces of fish are extremely nutritious. It has over 1,950mg of omega-3s than salmon, tuna and any other food. It’s also very high in Vitamin D, aka the “sunshine vitamin.” Vitamin D supports the health of the immune system.

Wild Salmon: Salmon is high in Omega 3 and low in Mercury. Omega 3 is essential. The impact of these acids range from:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Stabilizing blood sugar
  • Protecting your brain
  • Lowering inflammation
  • Reducing your risk of cancer
  • Preventing sunburn

Oysters: A 3-ounce serving contains over 300 mg of omega-3s and about a third of the recommended daily intake of iron.

Fish to avoid

Bluefin Tuna: Bluefin tuna is said to contain high levels of Mercury. Mercury is one of the metals to avoid. We can absorb Mercury through inhalation and also what we eat.

According to the National Wildlife Foundation, Mercury can “adversely alter the neurological and reproductive systems of humans and wildlife.”

Imported Catfish: Almost 90 percent of catfish are imported from Vietnam where the use of antibiotics that are banned in the US are widespread.

Tialpia: Tilapia is known to be the worst kind of fish. It’s low in omega three fatty acids, containing a mere 135 milligrams and high in in omega- six fats which studies have shown harms the heart and the brain.  The way Tilapia is grown and harvested is also a source of concern, the fish grows in overcrowded pens under conditions that would not be allowed in the US according to an article in Reader’s Digest.

When thinking about how to accomplish your health goals, remember that good health relies heavily on daily food intake. As you can see, seafood has numerous benefits that range from providing your body with essential vitamins to reducing heart disease risk, brain development and simply making you happy. So make that health-boosting change now!

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