Book Shelf: Dress for Success’ “Threads”

We usually reserve the Dress for Success Blog to tout the accomplishments, advice and stories of others, but we are so incredibly proud about our latest project that we just would shout it from the mountain tops if, you know, there were mountain tops in New York City!  We are amazed every day by the stories of our women and this book brings those stories to life, in their very own words.  So without further adieu, please find our synopsis on our book of the month, Threads

The definition of a thread is a fine cord spun out to considerable length, which is fitting for Dress for Success as our organization has expanded its services to every corner of the globe, now including 130 affiliates in 16 countries. 

Though the numerous Dress for Success locations may be separated by distance, there is no length that could lessen the bond between the women that our organization serves.  There is no measurement that could erase the commonalities that we hear in each of our women’s stories when they walk through the doors of Dress for Success.

As Dress for Success has grown over the passed 16 years, we have heard over 700,000 of these stories and began to realize that they are more than just words.  These stories are the experiences, actions and emotions that embody every woman around the world.  

This past July, women from over 60 Dress for Success affiliates around the world gathered in Miami, Florida, for our ninth annual Success Summit, a three-day leadership conference designed for the women of our Professional Women’s Group.  As each woman descended upon the city, their stories converged, their shared threads forming a bond.  Boston became connected to Brisbane, Wellington to Wichita, Michigan to Miami, Ottawa to Oregon.  Individual threads no longer, these women now realized they were part of a bigger story and that they had a greater purpose.

It is from this weekend that Threads was created.  This coffee table book is the first endeavor of its kind by Dress for Success Worldwide and features the firsthand success journeys of 20 women from around the world.  Inspiring original imagery from world-renowned photographer Danielle Levitt provides a pictorial peek into the personality of each woman, complementing each of their personal threads while highlighting the bonds between them.

Dress for Success curated the stories of these particular 20 confident and courageous women because they came to us in a time of need, but have transformed into leaders in the workforce, as well as within their families and their communities.  They are perseverance personified.  Combined, their threads form a fabric of support, of women helping women, of shared challenges and achievements.  

Threads retails for $40. Email [email protected] to find out more information or to purchase a copy of Threads for yourself!

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